Quest Student Rogerio from Brazil

My Story

Having been a Quest High School Exchange student in the U.S. was probably the most defining experience of my life.  At only 14 1/2 years old I decided to live and study in the U.S. I lived in Washington State with a wonderful host family and had an amazing time attending my sophomore year at Orcas High School. At the end of my program, I was invited by the Quest President, Lisa Laviolette, to visit her in Alexandria, VA. Touring Washington DC made me realize what an opportunity I had been given as an international student in the U.S. I am thankful for how it helped me develop and mature, and for the dedication and care that my host family and Quest’s team offered me during the program.

This exchange opened my eyes to other opportunities and gave me the desire and courage to continue exploring the world. I actually came back to the U.S. and interned at Quest Exchange in San Francisco while I was in college, and had the full-circle experience of working on the very program I was part of. Since then, I have lived in four more countries and visited over fifty. Currently, I am back in the United States, living in San Francisco and working at Google. I highly encourage high school students to go on an exchange, and recommend Quest International from the great experience that I had.

-Rogerio Queresma, Florianopolis, Brazil