Quest Student Lukas from Slovakia

Quest, I would like to express my big thank you for all you do and wanted to take some of my time to express how much I enjoyed being one of your exchange students.

Believe it or not,  I can’t think of a life situation which would have made my career more special than my high school exchange year in West Virginia with Quest.   Even today, after 15 years, I am in contact with my American host family and have visited them a couple of times also together with my wife. And now, I have a 2.5-year-old son Max, we are enjoying our time together as much as we can.

I have been living in Prague, Czech Republic. I have finished my graduate studies at Anglo-American University in Prague, majoring in International Relations and Diplomacy, and my undergrad studies at the City University of Seattle. I have worked at the Belgian Embassy over here in Prague, but since 2014 I am in business currently working as a Sales director for German finance company being responsible for two countries – Czech Republic and Slovakia. Managing a team of Account Managers and enjoying my business career so far. Well, yes, lots of life changes and many of them just thanks to my high school exchange year. I want you to know how significantly my exchange year with Quest influenced my life.

Thank you for helping me become an international ambassador for student exchange!

Lukas Uhliark, from Slovakia