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Do you have a limit amount of time to spend abroad? Quest has a variety of short-term programs

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With our flexible short-term programs, you can choose what month and for how long you want to travel.  Quest’s short-term abroad programs are for adults and students from any country. Our partner offices supervise you on your journey to ensure you have all the tools and information you need for a great adventure.

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Teach English in Rural Schools 

Volunteer to teach beginner level English with children at rural schools in the northeast of Thailand. Training and a chance to first experience teaching with full-time language teachers is provided before being allocated to a volunteer placement school. Volunteers are organized into groups of 6 to visit their placement school Monday-Friday and assist in English teaching activities with the school’s own Thai teachers.  

Elephant Care & Mahout Support

Volunteer to help take care of domesticated elephants and assist in the running of the community camp where they live in east Thailand. Each elephant has a Thai keeper known as ‘Mahout’ who’s family has traditionally taken care of elephants for generations. Volunteers are organized into groups of 6 and participate in daily activities such as feeding, cleaning enclosures and walking them to the local river. The intervention supports Mahouts financially so they no longer relay on unethical tourism practices with elephants.

Childcare & Orphanage Support 

Volunteer to help take care of underprivileged children schooling and living at a community operated orphanage in east Thailand. The community provides a self-sustaining environment for these children who no longer can live with family or relative. Volunteers are organized into groups of 6 and participate in daily duties relating to the care of the orphanage’s youngest children and general operations of the community as a whole. Activities including helping children get ready for school, preparing meals and farming on the community grounds. 


This program has been specifically designed for students aged 15 – 18 years old participating as part of a school trip or group excursion only. The range of culture and service learning activities involved are available over a flexible period of 2 – 5 weeks depending on trip duration and your school’s needs.

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To ensure that you have an unforgettable and life-changing experience in Thailand the program includes several service learning opportunities and a range of activities to maximize cultural exposure. Volunteering takes many forms and the emotional impact and sense of achievement you will receive from being involved in different ways are invaluable. You will join projects that help teach English in rural schools, projects that care for underprivileged children and work with elephant conservation teams who support local people in finding alternative ways of life. Your time with these local service learning projects is further enhanced with chances to experience traditional activities such as Muay Thai Boxing, Thai cooking and adventure based activities that allow you to explore the beauty of untouched Thailand.


Teach English in Rural Communities

Our volunteers require no qualifications or previous experience. We only ask that you have an open mind to life and culture in the region and a real passion to do something worthwhile whilst enjoying your time in northeast Thailand. To ensure volunteers bond with one another and get a real grasp of how best to interact with the children they’ll be working with, we provide a 2-day orientation and teaching observation session at our base school northeast of the city.

The school is a leading private school in Ubonratchathani and offers a good environment to become accustomed to teaching life in Thailand. During the orientation, volunteers are introduced to teaching methods and work alongside full-time foreign teachers at the school, learn handy tips and share ideas with other volunteers.

Elephant Care & Manhout Support

The Surin Project is a joint initiative between the internationally operated Save the Elephants Foundation and Surin Provincial Authorities aiming to promote responsible tourism in the region. With over 300 elephants registered in the area, the project provides an alternative form of employment to ‘Mahouts’ supporting them in finding other sustainable means of income with their elephants that don’t encourage exploitation for tourism in areas away from their natural habitat.

Volunteers help with taking care of local elephants and daily chores at the elephant sanctuary.  It’s important students understand that although during this component of the trip they are helping to take care of elephants, the impact of volunteering relates to supporting this community of people and helping to advocate responsible tourism in Thailand.

Childcare & Orphanage Support

The New Life Project is part of a localized Foundation in Kanchanaburi aimed at providing a valuable lifeline to children from problematic families. Through sheltered accommodation and cooperation between local farmers, teachers and volunteer staff the project has established an innovative community shelter that helps provides children with a safe living environment, schooling, and even basic healthcare. For older children, they now have access to learning ancillary skills and vocational training which enables new opportunities.

The project relies heavily on young volunteers all year round. You will provide valuable support to local staff taking care of the shelter’s youngest children. The experience offers you worthwhile exposure to the real challenges of poverty common in developing countries like Thailand and how communities can develop sustainable means of localized problems.

Volunteer programs help nurture a great sense of responsibility and maturity while playing a vital role in supporting real people in need. Volunteer work is considered a favorable characteristic with colleges, universities and even future employers. These opportunities encourage self-reflection and you will broaden your knowledge both culturally and philosophically.