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Find the type of program that fits your academic needs, budget and timeline!

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With over 120 school partners and a team of dedicated counselors to assist you, Quest will make help you find the school of your dreams!

Private High School USA

Our private schools offer sports, AP, IB, and a variety of other options including day or boarding school accommodations!

From California to New York and Everywhere In Between

Our Private High School Program gives students a whole lot of choices! Do you have a school in mind, or is your dream to live in a particular state? Our program coordinators help students and parents customize a program for each student and make the right selections based on budget, academics, location and a variety of other criteria.

Students can live and study in the U.S. for up to five years on the F-1 entry visa. Quest handles all the application and enrollment documents, screen host families, and sends the visa documents needed to apply for entry into the United States. Let us help you find your dream school, getting started is easy!

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Public High School USA

Come join other international students who are experiencing the excitement of high school in America!

Are You Looking For An Authentic American School Experience?

The Quest Public School Program allows students to choose which state they want to live in and which school district they will attend. Our public schools are big and small, but they share one common goal – giving international students an exciting study abroad program that they will treasure for a lifetime. Located all across America, our schools offer students a diverse curriculum of academic courses, sports, music, and a large choice of extracurricular programs.

Quest host families have a sincere desire to host an international student and participate in a cultural exchange experience. They undergo a thorough screening process, orientation and many of them have previously hosted. Parents will have peace of mind knowing that Quest’s local coordinators supervise and support students throughout the program. Come study with Quest and experience prom night, football, cheerleading and many other American school traditions.

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Transfer High School USA

We can guide you to a school that meets your graduation and college application requirements!

Transferring to a new school in the U.S. is easy with Quest!

If you are studying in the U.S. but want to change schools, Quest’s High School Transfer program does everything for you! Our team of professional counselors works with you to decide which schools offer you the credits and courses you need to graduate and to apply for university in the U.S. We ensure your visa is transferred, get you accepted into your school of choice, and arrange your accommodation with a host family or in a boarding school facility.

Let our team give you the advice and guidance needed to transfer to a U.S. high school seamlessly and while maintaining your visa status. Find a Quest school by checking out the School Choices page or contact us so we can customize your search!

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High School USA

Spend 1, 2 or 3 months in an American school!

Have Only A Few Months To Travel?

Quest’s short-term high school program has all the benefits of a full year study abroad program at a fraction of the cost! Are you looking for a short-term American high school experience before committing to a full semester or year, this is truly a unique program for international students ages 14-18. You will study in an American high school for 1, 2 or 3 months while living with a host family. Quest’s short-term program allows flexible enrollment months throughout the school year and is great for students from countries where school starts later than the U.S. school year. You can attend anytime between August-November or January-June.

Students who complete their program can choose to extend or re-apply for a full semester or year at the same school or even try a new school.

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