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Whether you are a student, teacher, mentor, retired or working, we welcome you to join our mission to promote cultural diversity, awareness and education of youth around the world.

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Our mission is to promote intercultural awareness and global compassion by providing educational programs for American and International students to live and learn together. Our students are empowered to celebrate diversity and foster a more understanding world.

My life motto is, “If you’re not living with nervousness or excitement, then you aren’t really living.” This motto is something that I truly try to live by. My parents introduced me to this quote when I mentioned I wanted to join a studying abroad program at the age of 17. I joined Quest as a volunteer intern in 2017, I was promoted to Social Media Manager and enjoy working at Quest while I finish my degree at San Francisco State.

– Thomas Enriquez
Social Media Manager

How will you make a difference?

Now, more than ever, Americans want to show the world that we are people who embrace cultural diversity and global acceptance.

As an intern or volunteer, your work directly impacts the lives of students from around the world. Although we are based in San Francisco, California, Quest’s volunteer and intern program has attracted volunteers from Denmark, Italy and across the U.S.

Interns and volunteers are placed based on their skills and goals. Our internship team will match you with an opportunity where you can gain experience and grow.


  • Writing
  • Marketing
  • Program Development
  • Fundraising & Donations
  • Social Media Management
  • Internship & Volunteer Program Management

Join our team and help us give back to students and communities around the world!

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Congratulations and welcome! We are proud to announce our newest Intern or Volunteer on our website.

A Little Of Our Story

Founded in 1999, Quest International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are passionate about our mission.

Let us tell you about how Quest was started…Our President, Lisa Laviolette Stone, began her experience in international exchange in 1990 when she moved her life to Copenhagen, Denmark. It was then that her passion for international exchange started to grow. Lisa’s personal experience of living in another country, learning to speak another language and having to adjust to a new culture changed her and she knew then that she wanted to pay it forward.

Lisa’s desire to provide educational exchange programs to youth motivated her to start a non-profit organization dedicated to student education. Hence, Quest International was founded in 1999. Quest started small. Its growth has been gradual and deliberate; today we work with over 40 foreign partner offices and have added a selection of diverse educational programs geared toward both American and international students.

Having the right people on staff is key to our success. Not only do we hire people with experience living abroad, we pride ourselves in selecting individuals who have a mission of their own. We are passionate about being able to provide diverse opportunities to youth and adults across the globe to learn languages, immerse themselves in new cultures and help unite people from around the world.

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