Host a Student

Hosting an International Student FAQ’s

Who can host a student?

There are many different types of host families that qualify for our program, including single parent families, families with children of any age, families without children, retired persons, and single people. Host parents must be at least 25 years of age and be able to take on the financial responsibility of hosting a student. English must be the language spoken in your home.

How old are the students?

Most students are between 15 and 18 years old, we also offer a middle school program for students, between the ages of 12 and 14, however, these students comprise a small number of our overall student enrollment.

How does Quest screen the students?

Quest Exchange works with foreign partners who perform the pre-screening of student applicants. Students are required to submit complete application materials including current medical records, at least one teacher recommendation, official academic transcripts, English proficiency exam results, an essay, and a questionnaire. Most students are screened through a SKYPE video and audio interview to ensure a level of English proficiency that meets the majority of our high school’s enrollment criteria.

What is expected of the exchange student?

Our students are here on an academic, cultural exchange program. They must attend and participate in school full time and maintain a C average in all course work. Students are able to participate as a family member and are expected to follow host family rules, which can include performing family chores. Quest Exchange’s students are considered ambassadors for their countries; their attitudes and behaviors must reflect the highest standards set by our program.

What is the length of stay?

Most of our students arrive in August for a 5 or 10-month program, returning to their home country in June.  Some semester-students arrive in January and stay until June. We also offer a program called the American School Experience (ASE), in which students stay for 1 to 3 months.

What are the benefits of hosting a student?

Your family will gain new and interesting experiences through the sharing of your cultures, customs, and traditions. Our families and students learn to bridge cultural differences and create bonds that will last for long after the end of the program.

What happens if the student is ill or in an accident?

Quest students are covered for medical and accidental insurance under a plan for international students. Quest will make sure you receive a copy of your student’s medical plans, including insurance company contact numbers.

Do the students have their own spending money?

Yes, the student’s natural parents agree to send adequate spending money. This money should be enough for personal hygiene items, clothing, social activities, transportation, trips, school expenses etc. Quest recommends $300- $500 per month.

Are we expected to take them on vacation or sightseeing?

You are not obligated, but if your family is taking a trip, you may include your exchange student. Students are responsible for paying the cost of the trip. Quest connects students with third-party organizations that facilitate group travel opportunities for exchange students. The Quest program is an academic program, and travel will only be permitted for students who are meeting their academic standards.