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Host an international student and join us in promoting a country of cultural awareness and compassion by living and learning together!

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What It Means to Host

Your role as a host family is to provide a caring and supportive environment for your exchange student. The student’s family life is the foundation of their experience here in the U.S. We hope that you encourage your student to learn about American culture through experiences with family, friends, school, and within the community. There are many different types of host families, including single parents, families with or without children, empty nesters and retirees. We require that host parents are at least 25 years of age and are able to take on the financial responsibility of hosting.

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Host Family Support

Quest provides host families a network of support both at the local level as well as from our National Office. The Quest Local Coordinator is available to help with any difficulties or concerns you or your family may have during the hosting experience.  Pre-arrival orientation is conducted giving you detailed information about the hosting experience and the opportunity to ask questions. Your family and exchange student will be given a student arrival orientation where house rules and expectations are discussed to ensure all participants have a mutual understanding of responsibilities.

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Why Choose Quest

Quest has 20 years of experience in the student exchange industry. The Quest team truly understands the challenges that students and host families may face. All of our team members have lived abroad and learned other languages while overcoming cultural differences. This understanding and compassion are transmitted through Quest’s exceptional customer service. As a nonprofit organization, we hope to bring the opportunity of a U.S. education to underprivileged students from around the world.

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Giving Back

Quest Host Families are often the defining feature of a student’s program and provide our students with the most intimate experience of life in the USA. Student gratitude and appreciation for their experiences are most often credited to their host family.

Now, more than ever, Americans want to show the world that we are people who embrace cultural diversity and global acceptance. Host an international student and join us in promoting a country of cultural awareness and compassion by living and learning together!

Our Students


High School

International students from Latin America, South America, Europe, Asia & Africa who are between the ages of 15 -18 and are excited to become a part of your family. Students attend school full time for one semester or year while living with your family, and they will spend time participating in all aspects of daily life. In the short time they are here, students will not only improve their English but will have the opportunity to form their own view of Americans from their experiences with you and your family.

Short Term High School

The American School Experience program allows international students a taste of what they can expect from our academic semester or year program. Students attend school full time and live with their host family for 1,2 or 3 months. What a great way for your family to share your culture and customs by hosting a short-term student!

Middle School

Students ages 12-14 may need a little more attention and have limited English language skills upon arrival. Host families who can nurture and guide our younger participants are rewarded as they watch their student grow and develop.


Students who dream of higher education in the U.S. often want full immersion and chose to live with a host family instead of the dorms. These adults are 18 years or older, they do not require supervision but benefit from the guidance a host family can give them as they mature and build their confidence. As a host family, you provide a single occupancy bedroom and food items they can prepare themselves.
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Scholarship Recipient – Bryton Chikukwa, from Zimbabwe Africa

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About Us

Founded in 1999, Quest International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all donations are tax-free and recognized with a letter of charitable contribution.

We provide educational experiences for students to learn about world cultures, religions, customs, and the successes of other countries. Most of our students live with a host family, giving them an opportunity to develop their own view of their destination country with real-life experiences. Quest gives scholarships to students from all over the world, including, most recently, to students from the U.S., Africa, Slovakia and Brazil. We are dedicated to providing educational opportunities for students who cannot meet the financial obligations of exchange programs. We engage a team of volunteers to help us raise funds that afford underprivileged students the opportunity for education abroad. It is through these cultural exchanges that we build cross-cultural understanding and promote peace within our local, domestic and global communities.

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