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Mount Maunganui College

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Mount Maunganui College


The city of Mount Maunganui is a district of the city of Tauranga, one of the most important import and export ports of New Zealand. As a summer leisure center for many Auckland residents, the city is laid back and cozy for those who want to have an experience of living and studying in a seaside town. Located on a peninsula ending with Mount Maunganui, there are beaches for surfing on one side and the beautiful entrance to the port of Tauranga on the other. The town of Tauranga has approximately 40,000 inhabitants and Mount Maunganui is a 10-minute bus ride away.Mount Maunganui College has about 1100 students and beyond the normal courses, they also offer surfing as a subject, a golf academy and the opportunity for students to study oceanography. In the first semester, they offer a divers certificate program. Courses are taken in the school pool, and, in the second semester, students participate in marine collections with their teacher using their newly developed diving skills.

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