Kerikeri High School

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Kerikeri High School


Keri Keri High School covers an area of over 2 acres in the beautiful north of New Zealand. It is located just north of the Bay of Islands where you can enjoy diving, sailing and world-class fishing. It is 45 minutes by plane or 3 hours by car from Auckland. This small community is very interested in its international students. They are committed to cultural exchange and make students feel very welcome.Keri Keri High School has a Theater Academy that supports students who want to stay active in the arts. Their famous Sailing Academy also offers students the ability to obtain a sailing certificate. Keri Keri is a popular choice for international students because of the many courses and activities it offers, such as photography, theater, chorus, jazz band, automotive studies, hospitality, leadership, tourism, computer and a variety of sports. The school is equipped with a new, modern library and a brand new arts center. In addition, they have an auditorium, sports campuses, swimming pools and laboratories with the latest equipment. Keri Keri is the perfect environment for exchange students who are looking for a warm and welcoming community where they will feel special.

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