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Victoria International HS

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Victoria International Student Programs offers the highest quality learning experience in a safe, beautiful, culturally diverse and accepting environment. The Greater Victoria School District is located in Victoria, the “City of Gardens” and capital of British Columbia.

The Greater Victoria School District’s Victoria International School Programs meet the highest standards of academic rigor and provide invaluable life skills to further a student’s chances for success. Academic program graduates are often accepted into top universities and colleges throughout Canada and around the world. In addition to a world-class academic program, VISP also offers a variety of short-term and ELL Programs. Improve your English, learn about Canadian culture, make friends and ready yourself for success as a student in their programs!

Albert College

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Founded in 1857, Albert College is Canada’s oldest, independent, co-educational, day and boarding school. With over 150 years of experience and excellence in education, this school provides an enriched and engaging curriculum up to Grade 12 / Post Graduate. A ‘home away from home’ to students from Canada and over 20 nations, Albert College offers residency to both male and female students. Albert College believes in a well-rounded education and at Albert, their students embrace the Albert’s ‘A’s – Academics, Arts, Athletics, Active Citizenship, and Adventure as part of their university preparation.

Bishop’s College School

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Bishop’s College School is a small, diverse community located in Sherbrooke, Quebec. The school is English-language and co-educational, welcoming both boarders and day students. With an average class size of 15, students and teachers develop close bonds. Because of this, Bishop’s College emphasizes individual attention and collaborative learning. Every two weeks, teachers evaluate each student’s participation in class through the Effort Ratings.  The Effort Ratings are not about marks or achievement, they are purely an evaluation of student participation and engagement with coursework. The goal is to celebrate students’ dedication and help identify areas of weakness. In addition to class time, teachers are also available for extra help during evenings and weekends. 

Lakefield College School

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Lakefield College School’s mission is to challenge and enable our students to reach their individual potential in mind, body, and spirit – that comes with a commitment to uphold their values and to ensure that the academic and social needs of their students are paramount. Programs like their  Leadership, Character, Values Program (LCV) provides students with a set of tools for applying in all aspects of their lives. Parents entrust their children to us and they take that trust very seriously.

102 members of the Class of 2017 received University/College offers, with scholarship offers totaling $1.4 million. Lakefield College School’s hope is that all of their students maintain their hunger and curiosity for learning throughout their lifetime and that they continue to cultivate their love of the outdoors and appreciation for nature and our environment.

The best thing about Lakefield College School is that their students and staff have a strong sense of community. You can’t help but notice how happy their students are. All of this is enhanced by their beautiful campus that provides a fantastic outdoor classroom – equipped with 315 acres of beautiful grounds, a lake, fields, forests and small village-like residences.


Delta School District

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Located 30 minutes from Vancouver, 20 minutes from the airport, and touching the USA border, Delta has 31 schools in three towns (Delta, Ladner, and Tsawwassen). Delta welcomes international students from age 5 to 18 years old in short-term, full year, and summer camp programs.

Delta staff run and monitor the custodianship and homestay program personally with 24-hour service (they don’t contract homestay care to private businesses). Delta runs monthly sightseeing activities such as ski trips to Whistler, whale watching, camp excursions and more.

Delta staff assist students with university and college applications and run university fairs. With continuous intake, students can start at the beginning of each month all year long.

Gulf Islands School District

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School District 64 is made up of the five island communities in the Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia. The Gulf Islands enjoy Canada’s mildest climate with cool wet winters and warm dry summers. The area is home to large numbers of artists, trees, marine life and spectacular scenery.

The Gulf Islands School District is founded on the principles of global awareness and cultural understanding. The program is somewhat selective, as it limits the number of students from any one country, and admits only 75 students in total. A variety of programs are offered for high school students, as well as intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) programs, and vocational programs.

Kootenay Lake School District

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In 1987, Nelson International School opened on the former grounds of Notre Dame University, welcoming over 250 Japanese students to study English and business. Today, the Kootenay Lake School District’s International Program has grown and is an inspiration for many. Despite being a smaller region of BC, or maybe because of this, the International Program has received praise from students around the world and now has 125 students from 11 countries.

International students are drawn to Nelson for several reasons. “Nelson is caring. We have the lifestyle of the rich and famous, but you do not have to be either. The cost of living is cheap. The ski hill is 20 minutes from downtown. And the tennis courts, beach and malls are just a quick walk from the high school” said former student Prentice. Top source countries include South Korea and China, but Germany, Mexico, Brazil, and Japan are growing markets.

Langley School District

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Located just 45 kilometers east of Vancouver on Canada’s west coast, Langley is the ideal location for students to study in Canada. By world standards, Langley is a safe, clean, peaceful, welcoming and family-orientated region of Greater Vancouver. The citizens of Langley enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle in the immense natural environment of the city. The district commitments to International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement programs are a testament to the city’s dedication to living in a traditionally strong and educationally rich lifestyle.

The city is well served by a commercial district with a large shopping mall, theatre complex, and many recreational and social facilities located throughout the community. The majority of Langley’s 130,000 residents speak English as their native language, offering international students the opportunity to improve their English language skills while being immersed in Canadian culture.

Mission Public Schools

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The Mission School District is located in the Fraser Valley, one hour east of Vancouver and 15 minutes north of the U.S.A. border. Mission is one of the most beautiful and diverse communities in British Columbia. It is nestled between the Fraser River and the scenic foothills of the Coast Mountain Range, allowing for a wide variety of recreational activities throughout the year.

Mission’s international student program provides English as a Second Language programs at elementary, intermediate and advanced levels, International Counsellors, Support Teachers and International Program support staff, British Columbia High School graduation programs, and more.

Nanaimo-Ladysmith School District

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The International Student Education Program in the Nanaimo-Ladysmith School District is a public school program that gives foreign students the opportunity to: study with Canadian students, learn English and standard academic subjects in a supportive environment, and experience Canadian culture

All schools are accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Province of British Columbia and offer government curriculum. Students may attend for a semester, an academic year, or to graduate with a British Columbia diploma.

School life in Nanaimo offers many extracurricular activities, including athletic teams (soccer, rowing, golfing, basketball, rugby, etc.), clubs (drama, newspaper production, yearbook production, etc.), performing arts (jazz band, tour band, dance club, musical theatre), and social events (dances, school spirit promotions, etc.).

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