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Canadian & American students- Are you ready for an adventure? Live in New Zealand, Spain, Germany, Thailand or one of the many other countries Quest offers!

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Video courtesy of Quest Exchange Student
Dana Stahl from Durango, Colorado -Studied in Ecuador

There has never been a better time to travel abroad and live the adventure in another country. As an American student, you have a unique opportunity to promote intercultural awareness and global compassion by sharing your American culture. You will feel empowered to celebrate diversity and foster a more understanding world. Learning a foreign language through immersion will accelerate your learning process.

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Why Choose Quest

The Quest staff understands the challenges that exchange students often face. Our team members have all lived abroad and have learned another language while overcoming cultural differences. Their understanding and compassion are transmitted through Quest’s exceptional customer service. Our trusted partners overseas have been working with student exchange for many years. We are familiar with their requirements for accepting students and can quickly process your application documents.

Personal Advisor

You and your parents will work with a Quest advisor who walks you through the options, helps you make decisions and assists you in creating an application that will stand out!

Exciting Destinations

With 20 countries to choose from, your dream of studying abroad can become a reality. Each country has something special to offer. Whether it is an adventure, learning a new language or exploring your family's history and heritage, we can take you there!

Host Family Accomodation

Quest's partners abroad carefully select host families who show a genuine interest in hosting American students. Your host family will introduce you to their country's customs and culture, giving you a real-life experience that will help you learn and grow.

Comprehensive Orientation

Quest advisors prepare you and your parents for your study abroad program by giving guidance and sound advice that helps you understand what expectations, challenges, and experiences you may face.

No Language Requirement

While some destinations require previous language skills, Quest offers a wide variety of countries where students can experience language immersion or brush up on current language skills. If you do not speak another language - no problem! Choose one of our English-speaking countries where you can focus on your studies and immerse yourself in a totally different culture!

Local Support

Your parents will have peace of mind knowing that you have a local coordinator who is there to support you during your program. Coordinators help students adjust to the routines, understand cultural differences and guide them through any challenges that may arise.

Study in Chile
Promotional Pricing 2018/19

Quest has toured Chile and selected some of the most sought-after schools in the country! Are you looking for a semester or tri-semester program with minimal language requirements? Chile is an amazing choice!

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Do You Need Help Raising Funds for Your Travel?

Quest Exchange has partnered with FundMyTravel to provide our students with the opportunity to fundraise for their exchange experience.