Letter from the President

My experience in international exchange began in 1990 when I moved my life to Copenhagen, Denmark.

It was then that my passion for international exchange started to grow. My personal experience of living in another country, learning to speak another language and having to adjust to a new culture, changed me forever. While living in Copenhagen, I worked with high school and au pair programs for two years before returning to the United States to take a position as executive director of a student exchange program. My desire to provide a more personalized exchange program motivated me to start non-profit organization, hence Quest Exchange was founded in 1999. We started with one foreign partner and one type of exchange program. Our growth has been gradual and deliberate; today we work with over 18 foreign partner offices and have added a selection of diverse exchange programs geared for both American and International students. I believe in a hands-on approach, which allows me to be involved with all program participants and to make decisions for each student on a case-to-case basis. Having the right people on staff is key to our reputation.  Not only do we hire people with experience living abroad, we pride ourselves in selecting individuals who are passionate about international exchange.

I believe in building strong partner relationships, not only with foreign organizations, but with schools and teachers in the U.S. It is important for me to meet Quest partners face to face,  share ideas  and collaborate together so we can stay on top of program trends. For these reasons I make time throughout the year to travel both abroad and domestically in an effort to build important partner relationships.

I am passionate about being able to provide diverse opportunities to youth and adults across the globe to learn languages, immerse themselves in new cultures and help unite our world in trust and friendship.