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Our mission is to bring cultural awareness and global compassion to all countries. Over the last 19 years, Quest has been providing educational programs for American and International students to live and learn together. We empower our students to celebrate diversity and foster a more understanding world.

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Founded in 1999, Quest International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in San Francisco, California

Our students are the world’s future leaders. We are passionate about facilitating cultural and educational experiences that will shape their lives. The Quest team truly understands the challenges that exchange students often face. Our team members have all lived abroad and have learned another language while overcoming cultural differences. Their understanding and compassion are transmitted through Quest’s exceptional customer service.

Quest International is doing business as Quest Exchange

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Quest International’s Values


Scholarship Program

Quest gives scholarships to students from all over the world, including, most recently, to students from the U.S., Africa, Slovakia and Brazil. We are dedicated to providing educational opportunities for students who cannot meet the financial obligations of exchange programs. We engage a team of volunteers to help us raise funds that afford underprivileged students the opportunity for education abroad. It is through these cultural exchanges that we build cross-cultural understanding and promote peace within our local, domestic and global communities.

Going Green

Quest has gone green. For the last 8 years, we have reduced our environmental footprint by going paperless. We have also invested in a Salesforce database that allows us to eliminate thousands of pages of application paperwork that were formerly being sent through international courier services. The reduction of emissions and the harvesting of trees is just one way Quest acknowledges the need to promote a more eco-friendly world. We encourage our partners, students and staff members to support us in a collaborative effort in recognizing the value of sustainability.

Sharing America with International Communities

The American culture and people, as viewed by the rest of the world, are often portrayed in certain ways by media. Our programs are designed to encourage international students to experience first-hand what America represents and to share their knowledge with friends and family back home. In reciprocity, our American students travel abroad to study and live and to share their America with the world. Bridging the divide between different cultures means exchanging our customs and views. Quest is fully committed to this mission, and we engage our students to act as Ambassadors for their country to help us promote cultural diversity.

Community Outreach

Quest’s local coordinators work diligently in their communities to bring awareness of our programs to American schools and families. Our families volunteer to host students so they can learn about different cultures and perspectives that influence their families and communities. Local Coordinators work in cooperation with U.S. high schools to bring cultural diversity to their student population. Exchange students help create a more diverse, enriching environment in American high schools where they act as a direct source of knowledge and cross-cultural understanding.
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