Our F-1 School Placement and Host Family Services are just the beginning…..
In addition to recommending both private and public schools based on your client’s needs, Quest Exchange now offers many additional programs and services. We still have school spots available for Fall 2013- Contact us for more information and an updated school list!


New Short Term High School Program

American School Experience (ASE) – a short term, less expensive version of our F-1 Private High School Exchange Program USA. We offer the opportunity for students to study in an American high school for 1-3 months while living with a host family. The ASE program allows flexible enrollment dates throughout the school year.  Students who complete the program can decide to extend for a semester or year F-1 High School Program. Quest Exchange’s ASE program has all the benefits of a full year exchange program at a fraction of the cost!

New Welcome Orientation and Workshop –WOW Program

Starting in August 2014 Quest will offer an optional 4-day Orientation Workshop in Washington, DC. F-1 Program students will arrive to the orientation before meeting their host family. Our program focuses on teaching students essential leadership and life skills that will help them to quickly and successfully integrate into American culture. This program includes interactive classroom sessions, group activities, meals, lodging and sightseeing excursions in Washington DC. Program price will be sent upon request.

New Cultural Passport

The Cultural Passport to America encourages F-1 school program students to engage in meaningful cross-cultural activities that will enhance and improve their experience of studying in the United States. Students participate in activities listed in their “passport” such as joining an extracurricular club, cooking a meal for their host family, volunteering in a community service project, or giving a presentation about their home country. Students who complete a number of activities will be eligible for fun prizes!  This program is aimed at getting students more involved in their schools and community, while improving their leadership skills allowing them to experience more of what the United States has to offer.

New Adventure Tours USA

Quest students will have the opportunity to travel with other “students” to exciting popular U.S. destinations such as, Orlando-Disney, New York City, Boston and Washington DC. Program tours are scheduled during school breaks and are optional. Promotional materials will be sent to you, prior to student’s departure to the U.S. Students can sign up for tours and will receive additional information once they arrive in the U.S.

New Deaf Student Exchange Program

What makes Quest Exchange different from other exchange agencies? Our passion for education and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that exchange opportunities are available to all students, hearing or deaf! We have several school locations to choose from with options for students to attend for one month up to one year. Our first student, from Belgium, is having a great time attending school in Arizona on our “premier” deaf student program. We hope that Quest partners will join us and start a marketing campaign to include deaf and hard of hearing students. For more information or marketing ideas, please contact us.

Additional Services-
Commission Bonus

Starting January 2014 you have the opportunity to earn even more when you meet your goal number of student enrollments! Meet this goal and you will earn an additional $500 per student.

Theme School Lists

Our team will provide you with top 5 school lists based on a particular theme, we have chosen some of the most popular school requests such as: best urban environment, warm weather locations, most economical, best sports, strongest academics, staff picks, best arts programs etc. Our lists include school profiles giving you the most updated information you can use to market to your clients!

~Lisa Laviolette, President
Contact me for more information about our new programs and services!