Teacher Classroom Exchange Program

Are you a teacher looking to organize an unforgettable learning
experience for your students? Plan a trip with Quest!
We offer customizable programs for classrooms or groups of students ages 8- 18 wanting a cultural educational experience abroad. We can accommodate student groups for a 1-8 week Cultural Tour or Language Immersion program and can work with group leaders on options that fit with the overall vision for the trip.
Teacher Classroom Exchange Programs

Classroom Cultural Tours offer students of all ages many exciting experiences abroad. Our programs go beyond just sightseeing, giving your group an authentic, hands-on adventure.  Students will learn about the local food, dance, art, and music, participate in excursions, have opportunities to practice the language, make new friends, and become truly involved in the customs of the local community.

Classroom Language Immersion Trips include accommodation with local host families, language classes, travel excursions and cultural activities such as dancing, cooking, sports and more. Learning through linguistic and cultural immersion will help students with oral and written communication and comprehension in any language choosen.

Want to include airfare and let Quest make all travel arrangements? No problem!

Quest’s Classroom Exchange is an affordable program at your fingertips. Your students will gain invaluable, firsthand knowledge about another country, its people, language and customs. Let Quest Exchange provide your students with an experience they will never forget.

Contact Quest Exchange to request more information or contact one of our team members to discuss your Teacher Classroom Exchange Adventure now!