Summer Travel Abroad Program

 Join Quest’s Summer Abroad Program and experience an unforgettable adventure by connecting with locals in an exotic foreign country!

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From cooking and dance classes, sightseeing excursions and tours with local students, Quest’s summer abroad programs offer American teenagers a chance to dive into another culture. Your summer will be filled with learning new language skills and living like a local.  There’s no need to worry about a student visa, our programs are within the 90 days permissible on an American tourist visa. Imagine all the wonderful experiences you could have without missing any part of your school year in the U.S.

Check out the affordable destinations below and discover how you can make your summer awesome!


With abundant natural beauty, strong ties to ancient tradition, and modern urban spaces, Thailand has it all. Students in our Thailand program benefit from our exclusive partnership with YES Thailand, and they will make sure you get the most out of your program. Enrollment dates are flexible throughout the calendar year, and prices are very affordable. The Thai school year runs through the summer months, so students join Thai students and get an authentic feel of what it’s like to be a local. Come meet other international students in Thailand and taste some of the best food on the planet, learn to dance or box and make this summer one of the most exciting adventures of your life! Read more about Thailand here.

South Korea

Seoul is an ideal place for an Asian summer experience. Not only does Korea boast a fascinating mix of traditional culture and advanced technology, but it is one of the safest destinations in the world. Our two-week summer program takes place in beautiful Seoul starting in July. Don’t be fooled by the short length of your stay – every day will be packed with fun activities and Korean classes for you and your international friends! Some of the many activities include: hiking, a Buddhist temple stay, a martial arts class, and a K-pop dance. Students will be housed in dormitories for half the stay, and in a hostel for the other half. Immerse yourself into Korean culture; dance, eat, explore, cook, speak Korean — contact us today for more information about how you can join in on the fun ‘Gangnam style’! Read more about South Korea here.


Not only the longest country in the world, Chile is home to the wilds of Patagonia, beautiful beaches, and the booming metropolis of Santiago. Students get a chance to practice their Spanish, and to taste deliciously famous Chilean empanadas! Creative types will love Chile’s artistic traditions, from the works of renowned poet Pablo Neruda, to the thriving street art scene. Chileans are known for being friendly and warm, and students are sure to make many connections. The summer program in Chile takes place during the Chilean school year, so students will attend classes with local youth in the area of Santiago – the nation’s capital. Come see why students love to say “Hola Chile”! Read more about Chile here.


Argentina’s capital city, Buenos Aires is often called “the Paris of South America.” Students who choose this city will immerse themselves with Spanish classes to improve language skills and will have a choice between dormitory or host family accommodations. Or try Córdoba, the country’s second-largest city which boasts fine examples of Spanish colonial architecture and a mix of old and new. Here you will experience living with a host family stay while attending a local high school. Both cities are filled with classic architecture, modern museums, beautiful parks, and cozy cafes. Much of the country’s land is still home to South American cowboys or “gauchos,” making for an interesting cultural mix. Students in Argentina can enjoy eating some of the world’s most famous meat, or a delicious Italian meal, a product of longstanding Italian influences. If you can’t decide between Europe and South America, Argentina will give you the South American experience with a European feel. Read more about Argentina here.


In Spain, siestas are mandatory and a relaxed attitude is a plus! Spaniards enjoy life– you’ll never see a Spaniard walking while eating as they take pleasure in sitting for long periods to enjoy tapas, Spanish tortillas, and other delicious treats. Rich Spanish cultural traditions like flamenco dancing and street festivals add to the unique feel of the country. Spanish summer programs give students the freedom to customize their experience by choosing classes and signing up for activities and field trips. Students can choose between programs in three cities: Salamanca, Barcelona, and Malaga. Read more about Spain here.


Italy is beautiful and diverse, from the snow-capped mountains to the warm Mediterranean. While exploring regional differences, throughout all of “il Bel Paese” you’ll find fresh home-cooked cuisine, scooters, and beautiful ancient cities. Let a caring host family welcome you to one of several fabulous and diverse locations throughout the country. School is not in session, but students are encouraged and supported in finding local classes and activities to enrich their experience. Italy is perfect for students looking for a European experience with limited time and on a budget: program dates are flexible and prices are prorated according to program length. Come discover why Italy has been a cultural destination for centuries! Read more about Italy here.

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