Study Spanish Abroad Program

Learn Spanish Abroad! As one of the world’s most commonly spoken languages, the importance of learning the Spanish language is becoming greater every day.

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Not only is it an official language in numerous countries and international organizations, but it also plays a fundamental role in international business, commerce and the advancing global world we live in.

Study Spanish abroad while enjoying a culturally rich social life, excellent cuisine, friendly people, diverse traditions and fascinating history. Our Spanish Language Immersion program is for students who want to learn Spanish quickly and effectively. Programs are currently available in:

Enhance your learning experience with an array of customized Spanish language immersion program options. Regardless of your Spanish language level, we have a course that fits your needs.

  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Spanish Classes
  • Intensive Spanish Courses

Students interested in Spain should be aware that many regions have a local dialect or language that differs from Castilian Spanish (what we know in the U.S. simply as “Spanish”). Students that request placement in these areas must be prepared to receive instruction in school in the local language in addition to Castilian Spanish.

Flexibility, variety and quality define Quest Exchange’s Study Spanish Abroad programs. We offer students the option to learn Spanish abroad with multiple destinations and dialects. Travel to the birthplace of Spanish culture in Europe, or take an exciting trip to Argentina, Ecuador or Chile to immerse yourself in the Latin American-Spanish influxes. One common language, many vibrant cultures.

Our standard host family and high school placements are available in Spain, Chile and Ecuador, with language immersion courses and residence boarding options available year-round in Spain and Argentina. Ecuador offers monthly excursions or activities. In Spain, you can combine your courses in different cities, and add on travel excursions or a host of other activities like dancing, cooking, golf, and tennis.

Learning Spanish abroad is not only invaluable, but also affordable. Let Quest Exchange send you on a Spanish learning adventure!