Quest High School Study Abroad

Program Process Guide

The rewards of life abroad are amazing and wonderful, but are you up for the unique challenges that come with this experience? You will be away from your friends, family and the lifestyle you are accustomed to. You will have to adapt to a new language, culture, school and host family. Do research on the country you have chosen to learn about customs and daily life. Talk with people who have lived and studied abroad and ask them what challenges they had, as well as what made the experience worth it!

Your parents need to help you make your dream happen. It is important at this stage to make sure your parents support your decision to study abroad and have given you approval to move forward. The application process takes time and effort, so you should make sure your decision has your parents’ “blessing.” If they feel that you are ready for this and understand what is required on their part, you are ready to move to the next step – after lots of big hugs and “thank yous” of course!

You may receive credit from your program, but it is your responsibility to make this happen. Only your U.S. school can decide what you get credit for, so you will approach your guidance counselors to figure out how to get the process moving. Impress them by bringing Quest’s guide to courses and credits, and be sure that you are clear on what you are responsible for.

Fill out the basic application information on our request form. Upon completion, you will receive a confirmation that your submission has been received.

Your Quest Program Manager will help you narrow down your choices to the specific country and program season that work for you. We are here to help guide you through the process and make decisions that fit your needs. We will speak with your parents and make sure that everybody feels informed and ready to proceed with the decisions made.

You and your parents will receive the program contract. This gives concrete program details and makes sure that everyone is on the same page.

This is when we get to talk face to (virtual) face and assess your suitability for the High School Study Abroad program. This call lasts 30-45 minutes. Parents are invited to speak with us at the end of the call, but the interview questions must be answered by the student alone. There is no preparation needed, other than to talk about yourself, your desire to participate in the program and why you feel you are ready.

You’ll receive the remaining pages of the student application, and your parents will receive an invoice for the $50 application deposit. You remain in touch with Quest for any questions you have about the application. Once you’re finished, send this to Quest along with the application deposit. Quest will review your application to ensure all information is complete.

If we can move forward with your application, we grant your acceptance and send your parents an invoice for the first half of the remaining program fees.

If you’ll need a student visa, Quest will guide you to the website of the local consulate/embassy you where you will apply for your visa. Here you will see a list of the visa requirements; in some cases you have to apply in person. Start filling out all of the paperwork well in advance, as visa approval can take some time.

This is the hardest part: waiting for your school and host family information! Making quality placements takes time, and we will need your patience during this important step. When your placement search begins, your parents will receive the final 50% of the program fees. Quest will notify you and your parents of a confirmed placement in a school and with a host family. Write to your host family as soon as possible to introduce yourself, and let them know how excited you are to meet them.

If your destination country requires a visa, you will need to finalize the process using your placement documents to submit with your application.

Quest will set your arrival date and we will book your roundtrip international flight to your placement area. We will also book your student travel and medical insurance for your trip, so you can rest easier while abroad!

Your Quest Program Manager will help you get prepped for your trip with a pre-departure orientation within two weeks before your departure. You’ll get an agenda before your call. At this stage we hope you have written all of your remaining questions down so that we can make you and your parents feel prepared for your trip abroad. We will go over the program rules, what to pack, what to do if you need support once you arrive, and more!

Congratulate yourself and your family for making this happen. You are on your way to the study abroad adventure that you’ve earned!

Balance your time abroad — keep in touch with those back home, but remember that the point of studying abroad is to be present and active in your host country. Keep a blog or an online photo album so you can show all of the revelations you have had and the sights you have seen. On a rainy day, you’ll be happy to reflect on your growing experience abroad. Stay in touch with local coordinators and with Quest. We love to hear how you are doing!

At the end of your experience, and after your tearful goodbye with your new best friends and second family, we hope that you will inspire other high school students to follow in your footsteps. Become a Quest Student Ambassador and let us connect you with  prospective students who are just where you were when you started the process. You can recount your adventures and help galvanize their decision to study abroad.