SAT English Test Prep I & II

Scoring well on the SAT depends on the strategies and skills students use to take the test. In order to provide the best possible support to our students, we offer a program that has been delivering higher SAT scores for over twenty years and has been written specifically for international students.

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Quest provides SAT prep courses designed specifically for the unique needs of international students. The new SAT places much greater emphasis on English reading comprehension and writing skills. To address the challenges of the revised SAT, students receive a twenty-eight course that will provide them with an understanding of the design of the test, its pattern, the tricks the test makers use and specific strategies they can use to improve their scores. SAT II is an in-depth concentration on essay writing.

The needs of freshman and sophomore students are different than junior /senior students, for this reason we developed an additional program that specifically focuses on the needs of the younger international students. At this level the course is focused on the development of essential English skills that correlate to both academic success as well as high performance on the SAT.

Our curriculum designers and teachers are veteran professional educators with proven track records of success with AP, SAT, and ACT exams.  They have produced dramatic increases in student scores and have aided students in achieving the academic and testing success that enabled them to receive admission to Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, and many other prestigious universities.

Under our guidance students will practice the essential skills needed for success both in the classroom as well as on the SAT. We will coach students using an “essay formula” that was created by a former SAT essay grader and is easy to apply.  It is highly formulaic and focuses on thesis development and evidence synthesis and is effective especially for international students. Students will be given practice essays and the feedback they need to improve and score well on the SAT essay. Students will learn most critical topics covered on SAT as well as strategies to help them get to the right answer more quickly.

Services include

  • Practice exams and diagnostic report of results
  • Our manual “how to Outsmart the SAT” plus the Official SAT Study Guide
  • Proven test-taking strategies students need to know specifically designed for the new SAT
  • Essential Reading and Writing skills for new SAT
  • Practice activities that will provide feed-back to students that will outline their strengths as well as target areas needed for improvement
  • Review of topics that will help international students take the SAT with confidence such as: Test Taking Skills, SAT Time Management Skills

Program Details


The course includes 10, two-hour sessions over five weeks beginning late January, 2016 for students taking the exam during spring 2016.  Courses begin mid-September for those students taking the exam fall 2016.  SAT prep courses are taught via live online webinar.  Each class is designed specifically for the needs of international students and they will have the ability to communicate directly with the teacher during the webinar.


This course is an extension of SAT I.  It focused on the development of the more advanced reading and writing skills needed for top scores on the SAT.  It begins where the SAT I leaves off and works with students to develop a more nuanced and sophisticated understanding of the English language.  The topics covered are specifically targeted toward achieving top scores on the SAT, but they are also the skills needed for long-term academic success in the United States.  The course includes 10, two-hour sessions over five weeks beginning March 2016 and is appropriate for students taking the exam May 2016 or after.

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