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Come join other international students who are experiencing the excitement of high school in America!

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Our program allows students to choose which state they want to live in and which school district they will attend.

This is a F-1 tuition school program with late registration open until July 27th. We offer an affordable option for unplaced J-1 students to be accepted and placed in a public American high school with many flexible options that are not available in the J-1 program.

The Quest team truly understands the challenges that exchange students may face. All of our team members have lived abroad and learned another language while overcoming cultural differences. This understanding and compassion is transmitted through Quest’s exceptional customer service.

Our caring host families genuinely want to participate in a cultural exchange experience and undergo a thorough screening process including an in depth orientation program. Our public high school exchange program host families are paid a minimal monthly stipend to offset the cost of hosting.

Reasons Why You Should Choose the Quest Public High School USA Program

  • The Quest Exchange team is comprised of caring, committed and experienced personnel who support students and host families during the exchange program
  • Quest facilitates the application process of students to their school of choice and provides them with a smooth transition of acceptance & timely delivery of the I-20 document
  • We carefully pre-screen our host families and perform a criminal background checks on all potential host families to ensure the safety of our students
  • We offer students flexible program options including year & semester programs, F-1 extensions for up to 5 years, summer stay arrangements, plus boarding schools
  • Parents will have peace of mind knowing their child has a Quest Coordinator who gives local support and guidance throughout the year
  • Quest provides monthly student progress reports written by the local coordinator to ensure students are getting the most out of their exchange program
  • The Quest National Office is available to host families and students with a 24 hour emergency line
  • Quest coordinates student airport pickup with the host family or local coordinator
  • Our student “Orientation” program is conducted by Local Coordinators to ensure our students feel prepared for their program

All schools in the Quest Exchange Public High School Program USA charge tuition; student’s will be enrolled as F-1 visa participants. Program fees include: school tuition, host family accommodation including meals, international student fees (school fee), school registration and application fees, medical insurance, airport arrival and departure transportation and local coordinator supervision

F-1 Visa Versus J-1 Visa Program Comparison

F-1 Visa J-1 Visa
Students choose their location and school district Students are assigned a location and school
We accept student applications up until July and guarantee a school and host family placement for qualifying students Application deadlines are early, no guarantee of a school or host family placement
School acceptance and host family placements can happen within weeks of receiving application The J-1 process results in a slower school and host family assignment
We show appreciation to our host families with a small monthly stipend to offset the cost of hosting, making the recruitment of host families much easier Host families may not receive any sort of stipend and the number of volunteer host families able to afford hosting is decreasing all the time

For more information about a Private High School Education, please visit: F-1 Private High School Program USA

Come experience the rich rewards of our Public High School Program USA!