Partner Resources

Our Interactive School Map lets you search our school offerings by category (private, public, affordable, prestigious, warm weather and more). You can narrow our full list to just the schools that interest your students. Please click the image to the left and enter the username and password to get started.
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OUR GOAL is to build long lasting relationships with partners through collaborative marketing to ensure that we offer a wide range of program options and budgets to meet the needs of the student.

The F-1 exchange program intrigues parents that seek a top quality education and options of school location for their child. The financial investment is less of a concern for target F-1 clients as the benefits far outweigh the limitations of a J-1 program.

We have worked with international partners for almost 15 years and we have compiled this information to help you understand our program.

Our online system, Zapp, manages student applications, enrollment, monthly reports and more. Please view this user guide for technical assistance.

To assist you and your staff with recommending schools we provide a School Recommendation Request Form. This is used to help your student/natural parents, find the right schools during the application process.

The Student Pre-Departure Orientation Guidelines are a list of important topics to cover with your students before they begin their program in the U.S.

Many partners are asking which English Language test they should use. Here is a great option that we recommend!

ELTiS is another great option for an English Language test supported by many of our schools!