Please contact your local office for translation assistance with this document if necessary.

This agreement outlines the regulations and policies of Quest Exchange. The organization within your country may be referred to in this document as Foreign Partner, agent or organization. Quest Exchange may be referred to as Quest. Please read this document carefully.

School Guidelines

If a student does not possess sufficient English to function in a U.S. Private High School, Quest Exchange reserves the right to release the student from the program. If the school expels the student based on a lack of English ability, Quest Exchange will make a determination on an individual basis whether to offer a new high school, if available, and will require the natural parents to pay for a change of school as well as fees for any ESL or tutoring classes. Quest will not reimburse program fees for students who have been expelled by the high school based on lack of English, failing subjects and/or bad behavior.

Students attending high school on an F-1 visa must obey all school rules and regulations. Failure to do so will result in termination without a refund of fees paid. Quest Exchange is not responsible for a replacement family if the student is not adjusting appropriately to his/her host family or is creating difficulties for the host family.

Please be aware that some schools have additional fees such as an “international student fee” that is added to the tuition invoice. These fees are generated by the school. Quest does not receive any portion of this fee and this fee is not to be related to host family stipends. Schools may have various fees throughout the year for field trips, labs, lunch programs, computers, etc. These fees are the responsibility of the Natural family and may not be billed by Quest Exchange, but by the school directly.


We, the Natural parents confirm that our son/daughter has personally filled out the student portion of this application (including essay and all profile information). We agree to provide truthful answers on the Student Application documents, in addition we agree that we:

  • Will truthfully report all information to Quest regarding the scope and nature of any special health problems, including current medical conditions and all allergies. Notify Quest in writing if a student is smoking cigarettes, a vegetarian or has food restrictions or allergies, has received treatment for eating disorders or mental health problems and/or has had any other past health issues. Failure to provide accurate health history may result in student’s termination from the program. Smoking is not permitted; students who smoke will be terminated unless the host family agrees to work with them on a health plan to stop smoking. Students terminated from the Quest program due to smoking, are not eligible for refund of program fees.
  • Provide Quest with a signed Health evaluation provided by a certified doctor, including all immunizations. The Health & History Release Form will be filled out by a licensed physician and will be signed and dated by that physician. Quest requires an address and phone number of physician.

Private Arrangements

  1. Students and/or natural families may not make direct contact with Quest schools unless it is after the visa has been issued and strictly for the purpose of choosing classes.
  2. Private arrangements with host families and or schools are a violation of contract resulting in termination from the Quest program without a refund of program fees.
  3. Natural parents may contact host families directly as long as the nature of their relationship is positive. If the host family feels that the relationship and communication is inappropriate, then the communication needs to go through our offices and local coordinator.
  4. Students and/or natural family who decide to find a new school and or family at the semester break or during the school year are considered to be voluntarily dropping the Quest Program and are not eligible for a refund of program fees. Tuition fees paid to the school are subject to the discretion of each school’s policy regarding a refund of fees, Quest is not responsible for refund of school tuition fees at any time.

Student Financial Responsibility

Neither QUEST nor the students’ host family will assume any financial responsibility for:

  1. The acts of the student, whether willful or negligent, this includes damage to property, lost or stolen money (students are advised NOT to carry large amounts of cash at any time)
  2. Insurance issues, including, but not limited to; paying medical bills at the time of treatment, paying for medical services provided to the student by any doctor or medical facility after an insurance claim has been denied.
  3. Students are responsible for purchasing their own personal hygiene items (deodorant, shampoo etc.) clothing, entertainment, school fees such as field trips, book fees etc. Host family’s responsibilities are limited to room and board.
  4. Students are responsible for bringing their own laptop computer; host families will not allow student the use of their personal computers.
  5. Students must bring or buy their own phone or use a phone card. Host families will NOT sign phone contracts for students.
  6. Students may not borrow money from their host family or expect the host family to open a joint bank account, or any lend their name to any bank account related to the student.
  7. Students must have an adequate monthly stipend from their natural family; we recommend $300-$500 per month depending on their location. It is recommended that student arrive with enough money to provide for themselves for at least the first 2 months.
  8. Students must be prepared to pay for meals eaten outside the host family home, if they choose to accompany the host family for dinner at a restaurant, they must offer to pay for their own meal.
  9. Transportation to and from school is not covered in program fees.


Students must be instructed prior to departure of the hygiene standards in America. Showering daily is a common practice; students must wear deodorant and keep their hair clean. Students must wash their clothing often and keep up their appearance. Clothes including jeans must be washed weekly. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in probation.

Host Family Fees

Quest is solely responsible for payments to host families, local coordinators and school officials. Please advise students NOT to give any money to host families, as host families will be paid by Quest Exchange. Please do not discuss the program fees or monthly stipend amounts with the host family.

Flights / Travel

  1. School and Family Placement– Students may not depart from their home country until Quest has confirmed both a school and host family placement.
  2. Booking– Quest assumes no responsibility for booking or confirming flight reservations for students.
  3. Arrival and Departure Dates– Students must arrive and depart on the dates agreed upon by Quest Exchange, which is generally a week within the school start and end date. Students must have a pre-paid, roundtrip ticket without restrictions.
  4. Travel Outside of U.S.- Students who leave the U.S. while in the F-1 program risk being rejected at the border for re-entry into the United States. QUEST is not responsible for issues regarding re-entry into the U.S. Travel outside of the country will not be allowed during the program unless the school is notified and is able to facilitate proper government documents prior to travel.
  5. Student Arrival– Students will be picked up at the airport by their host family, Local Coordinator or school official. For arrivals and departures; additional fees will apply if the flight arrives or departs during hours that are not convenient to the persons picking up or dropping off the student. Additional fees for bus, or train travel will be paid the student. Students may NOT under any circumstances, depart his/her country until both a school placement and host family placement have been confirmed by Quest Exchange.
Travel Policy
  • Overnight trips require advance written permission from natural parents and host parents.
  • The student’s school must approve trips involving absence from school in advance.
  • Travel also must be with an approved group or to visit persons known both to the student and natural parents. Quest Exchange must give written approval for travel.
  • Every student will receive information about optional travel opportunities from their Local Coordinator.
  • Students traveling with their host families should expect to pay their own way. A host family who invites or plans a family trip with the student, should be very clear (from the earliest planning stages of the trip) the cost of the trip.
  • Host families are not expected to take their students on trips, they are optional.
  • Students may not travel alone or with underage friends while in the U.S. Any absence from school or the host family must be reported and approved by Quest Exchange.
  • Students may not have friends/boyfriends/girlfriends or siblings visit during their exchange year. Parents and friends may only visit at the end of the program.
  • Unauthorized travel may be cause for dismissal from the program.

Medical Insurance

Students are responsible for paying for medical services and submitting completed claim forms.
The Host Family will not assume any financial responsibility for student’s medical bills. The exchange student must submit all medical care documents to the insurance provider and pay any and all medical fees not covered by the insurance.

Participation in Sports

It is important to know that some states in the U.S. do not allow international students to participate in competitive sports. Please be advised that Quest and/or school cannot guarantee your child’s ability to participate in a particular sport or activity during student’s exchange program.

Student Behavior

Quest Exchange students are considered ambassadors for their country. Their attitude and behavior must reflect the highest standards set by this program. Students must be open to new cultures, be willing to make lifestyle adjustments and to do so understanding the fact that they have chosen to participate in this cultural exchange experience.

Student Probation

A probation letter outlines a very specific set of expectations of the student, while giving a time-frame for improvement. Probation is a trial period in which the Quest Exchange staff determines whether or not the student will make behavioral changes deemed necessary to stay within the program. Based on information derived from Incident Reports and/or letters submitted, the Quest Exchange National Office will issue a probation letter and give restrictions and or probation terms to the student. Probations may be issued for the following reasons:

  • Poor or failing grades
  • Unacceptable behavior at home
  • Breaking Quest or host family rules
  • Disciplinary problems in the community or school

A copy of the written probation will be given to student, host family, school, Local Coordinator, foreign partner office and natural family. If improvements are not made, student risks dismissal from the program. Quest Exchange wishes to give exchange students every opportunity for improvement. We will work with students to resolve conflicts and/or disciplinary difficulties.
If a student on probation is asked to leave the host family home, Quest will evaluate the circumstances to determine if the student will be placed with another host family or will be dismissed from the program.

Quest Exchange will not work at finding a new host family for students who are on probation and showing no improvement. Should a student be asked to leave a host family due to disciplinary issues, Quest may allow the student to find a new host family. Fees for moving a student on probation will be paid by natural parents.

Serious Health Issues Students already in the U.S. with suspected health issues (eating disorders, depression, ADHD, etc.) must agree to the terms of the Quest Exchange Health Protocol which will be provided to student and natural parents in writing for the purpose of resolving the health issue while remaining in the Quest program. Student may be asked to return to home country for treatment, with or without a medical doctor’s evaluation and depending on the severity of the medical condition. Quest Exchange will determine student’s health condition based on school personnel and/or host family and Local Coordinator reports of health and behavior. If student is given the opportunity to comply with a Health Protocol directive and does not follow the guidelines and/or if the health issue continues to interfere with the student’s program, student may be sent home for proper treatment, with the opportunity to return to the program following proper treatment.

Program Termination

Quest Exchange will not refund any program fees for students who have been terminated from the school for behavior issues, lack of English, failing grades, or violation of Quest or school rules.

School Tuition – Quest Exchange is not responsible for reimbursement of any school tuition fees. All decisions regarding any reimbursement of tuition fees are those of each individual school. Please be aware that some schools may not reimburse tuition fees in the case of student cancellation.

The Quest Exchange President determines student termination based upon the review of Incident Reports, Probation Letters, and the ongoing student behavior. Behavior that has been deemed unacceptable and violates rules and/or regulations as set forth by Quest Exchange, or the school will result in dismissal.

Students can be terminated from the Quest Exchange Program for the following reasons:

  • failure to make appropriate changes in response to a probation
  • low or failing grades with no effort to improve them
  • serious health issues identified after student’s arrival
  • failure to follow Quest Health Protocol, following a suspected health related problem including
  • failure to obtain written permission to travel and/or permission for natural parent visits
  • expulsion from school
  • inability to adjust to living with an American family following a warning or probation letters
  • failure to respect and abide by Quest Exchange rules, or any other behavior discrediting Quest Exchange and/or School

Program Definitions

Summer Arrangements

Students wishing to remain in the U.S. and with their host family during summer term will need to request permission to Quest Exchange in advance in order to remain with the host family. A fee per month will apply if the host family and Quest agree to the summer stay. Students are not allowed to make their own arrangements for staying with a Quest host family without prior consent and program extension through the Quest Exchange National Office.

Extension Program

Extension Program Fees will cover monthly host family stipends, Local Coordinator supervision, school acceptance and re-application. Students and/or natural parents who attempt to extend by private arrangement with a Quest host family and/or school will not be allowed to do so. If students make such arrangements, they will be terminated from the program and/or the school and will not be given any assistance. Private extensions are not allowed and are cause for termination with no refund of fees paid.

Hold Harmless

We hereby release Quest Exchange and all of its employees, field representatives, other Quest Exchange personnel, and host families from all liability, damages or claims which have been incurred during the program or after the termination of the program. We agree that we have not contracted with Quest Exchange directly. We agree that our contract was made with our organization in our native country; program fees were contracted and paid to said organization, not to Quest Exchange. We were advised of all program guidelines including student rules, termination regulations and fee reimbursement.

We authorize the Host Family and/or any Quest Exchange personnel to act for us as an authorized caregiver in any emergency, accident, illness, or any other situation requiring caregiver status during the period of time the student is involved in the Quest Exchange Exchange Program.

We understand that the participant will be subject to the authorities and teachers of the school where he/she may be assigned and that he/she will have to follow the rules given by the family with whom he/she may live. We understand that Quest Exchange reserves the right to terminate the participation in the program of any participant whose conduct is in violation of Quest’s rules and/or Standards of Conduct, including, but not limited to; making private arrangements for program extensions directly with a host family and/or school. If the decision for student termination is made, the participant and Foreign Partner will be formally notified and forfeit the right to any refund of program fees.