F-1 Exchange Program for Middle School Students USA

Our F-1 Exchange Program for Middle School Students is a private school exchange program for international students enrolling in 6th-8th grade. Students live with carefully pre-screened host families and attend private school as a full time student.
The middle school exchange student program is a great opportunity for younger students to experience an American education before making the decision to attend high school in the U.S.

Quest facilitates the application process for students to schools and we provide a smooth transition for school acceptance and timely delivery of the F-1 visa application documents. The Quest Exchange team is comprised of caring, committed and experienced individuals who support students and host families during the exchange. The Quest National Office is available to host families and students with a 24 hour emergency line.

Quest Local Coordinators supervise our students and provide monthly student progress reports to ensure students receive the most from their exchange program. Our exchange program for middle school students is available for a semester or year with the opportunity to extend. Qualified students should be able to communicate with beginner English skills. English as a second language programs and individual tutoring are available for students who wish to accelerate their English.

We understand parents have many concerns and worries about younger students attending a middle school exchange program abroad. Quest takes pride in ensuring our young students are placed in a safe and caring host family environments.  Trained Local Coordinators interview host families in their home and Quest performs criminal background checks to ensure the safety of our placements. Quest host families are coached on expectations for guiding students emotionally and academically and are selected with these standards in mind. Our Local Coordinators identify families within the school community, ensuring students have access to all school events and activities during their program.
Our program provides students with an Arrival Orientation together with the host family and Quest Local Coordinator, allowing students an opportunity to ask questions and receive important information that will help them during their adjustment period.  Our professional student supervision methods give parents peace of mind knowing their child is being looked after every step of the way.

Our program price includes;

  • School Tuition Fees, Homestay Accommodation, Meals, Medical Insurance
  • Flexible options including year or semester programs, choice of school and location
  • Airport Pick up and Return
  • Arrival Orientation with Host Family
  • Supervision from a trained Quest Local Coordinator
  • Monthly Student Reports
  • Eligibility to school sports, clubs and extracurricular activities
  • 24 Hour Emergency Line

Contact our knowledgeable staff for more information about the Quest Middle School Student Exchange Program