Mei Jardstrom

Program Manager – Student Counselor

Working in a small office environment has allowed me to learn about all Quest programs and I must say, I wear a lot of “hats.” I manage and develop the Outbound program for American students going abroad, maintaining our partner relations with the overseas agencies that accept them.

I am also a Regional Manager overseeing about 45 schools supervising field staff in the Northeast and Midwestern region. Within the scope of this duty I oversee training for Quest Local Coordinators and manage school, host family and student relationships. I have been the student counselor for over a year now, and this role has helped me get closer to our students by offering support. This position can be challenging, as I often have to enforce program rules while ensuring that students feel their point of view is being recognized.

Your students are our main focus, and everything we do is in effort to ensure they get the most out of their program. I am excited to work closely with more Quest partners and students in 2016.