Language Immersion Program

Do you want to study a language abroad? Our Immersion Language Program offers an opportunity to learn a language using a living immersion formula for accelerated learning.
Whether you are a student, adult or business professional, Quest has a program that fits your needs.

Learning through linguistic and cultural immersion improves written, comprehension and oral communication skills in any language you choose. Quest language immersion programs include highly qualified teachers with proven teaching methods. Enhance your learning experience with an array of customized program options and locations to choose from. Courses are typically packages which include accommodations, classes and cultural activities each week. You can combine your course with add-on programs such as travel excursions, dancing, cooking, golf, tennis and a host of other activities.

Language Immersion Program Courses: Beginner, Intermediate, Intensive

Long and Short Term courses start year round

Our immersion language program offers a variety of choices for accommodations. We take special care to make sure that each and every one of our housing options will make you feel safe and welcomed. We offer, Host Families, Student Apartments, Student Residences and Private Apartments. You decide where you would feel most comfortable living and we take care of the rest.

For Spanish language programs visit our Study Spanish Abroad Program page

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