F-1 High School Student Coordinator Position

As a Quest Exchange Local Coordinator, you will act as liaison between the student, host family, and school. You will build relationships in your community and be responsible for recruiting prospective host families, conducting in-home visits/interviews and monitoring the placement throughout the year.

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The Local Coordinator position is a part-time independent contractor position. There is no minimum number of students you must place. Quest Exchange Local Coordinators report to the Quest National Office in San Francisco, California. Quest offers a coordinator training program and ongoing support.
We are looking for adults interested in international student exchange who can hep us promote our educational opportunities to international youth, adults and American students!

Who should apply?

  • If you have participated in foreign exchange or are interested in international cultures
  • If you have counseling experience or have worked with teenagers
  • If you are a parent or teacher
  • If you have a flexible schedule and would like to work with students and gain experience in our organization

What are the Local Coordinator’s responsibilities?

  • Be a resource for your student(s). The Local Coordinator position does not require many hours, but LCs should be attentive to students and available to mentor and advocate for students. LCs allow their students to feel comfortable expressing themselves.
  • Be the face of Quest for our host families, schools, and students. You serve as an important liaison between all program participants, and your role has an impact on the success of the program
  • Place international students with host families, and submit all required host family placement paperwork to Quest
  • Supervise the student throughout the duration of their program, and complete a report each month in order to monitor the student’s progress and experiences
  • Click Here to review a document outlining all of the Local Coordinator’s responsibilities
You will discover new and different traditions with your exchange students as they share their own country and culture with your community.


If you would like to be considered for a position as a Quest Coordinator, please fill out our online Application below. After receiving your application, we will contact you with more information.