International Student Programs & Services

 With a variety of exciting programs to choose from Quest can make your dream of studying abroad a reality!

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Academic Year & Semester Programs

F-1 Private High School Program USA

A private tuition school program offered to international students who are interested in a quality American high school exchange experience while living with an American host family. Quest Exchange provides students with a diverse selection of schools to meet all of their scholastic and financial requirements.  Our schools and host families are located in the breathtaking Pacific Northwest, the ever-friendly Midwest, the bustling East Coast, the hospitable South and scenic West Coast.

Public High School Program USA

Our Public High School Program for international students who are interested in a F-1 public high school experience with a host family stay. Our program is an alternative to the J-1 program and offers late enrollment with guaranteed placement for qualifying applicants. Quest’s public high school program offers students the opportunity to choose their placement location, school budget and many other options that are not available in the J-1 program.

Middle School Program USA

An academic program for international students interested in attending grades 6, 7 and 8. Students live with carefully pre-screened host families and attend private school as a full-time student. Our youth study abroad program is a great opportunity for younger children to experience an American education before making the decision to attend high school in the U.S. Parents will have peace of mind knowing their child has a Quest Local Coordinator to lend support and guidance throughout their child’s exchange.

Short Term Programs

American School Experience Program

Our ASE program is a short term version of our F-1 Private High School Exchange Program USA. We offer the opportunity for students to study in an American high school for 1-3 months while living with a host family. The ASE program allows flexible enrollment dates throughout the school year.  Students who complete the program can decide to extend or or re-apply for the a semester or year F-1 High School Program. Quest Exchange’s ASE program has all the benefits of a full year exchange program at a fraction of the cost!

Academic Services

Elite Service I
Academic Counseling

Quest Elite Service I is an academic counseling program geared toward international students who need academic support and help improving their grades. Counselors will assess each student’s academic needs and tailor each session so that it has the greatest possible benefit to the student. Counselors work with students on a monthly basis setting goals, teaching better study habits and guidance on test taking to raise their grades.

Elite Service II
A Roadmap to College

The strength of a student’s university application is largely determined by each student’s performance in the early high school years. The Elite Service II package provides guidance to international students in grades 9-11 who will pursue a university degree in the United States.  The monthly sessions prepare students for the university application process by helping students choose the right classes and extra-curricular activities, while guiding students to focus on their unique strengths, passions, and natural-skill sets. Students are counseled on how to maintain their GPA while pursuing the supplementary activities that will truly make them stand out to the decision-makers at universities throughout the U.S.

SAT Test Prep I & II

Quest provides SAT prep courses designed specifically for the unique needs of international students. The new SAT places much greater emphasis on English reading comprehension and writing skills. To address the challenges of the revised SAT, students receive a twenty-eight hour course that will provide them with an understanding of the design of the test, its pattern, the tricks the test makers use and specific strategies they can use to improve their scores. SAT II is an in-depth concentration on essay writing. SAT II is an extension of the SAT I course, focuses on the development of the more advanced reading and writing skills needed for top scores on the SAT Exam. It begins where the SAT I leaves off and works with students to develop a more sophisticated understanding of the English language.

College Admissions Assistance

International students face a unique challenge when applying to colleges in the U.S. due to the fact that they are new to the American school system. Established universities seek well-rounded applicants with high grades, diverse interests, specific skills, and strong community ties; international students often struggle to demonstrate these qualifications. We provide a wide range of services for students who wish to apply to universities in the United States. These services focus on translating each student’s abilities, experiences, and interests into a strong university application. We understand the complex intricacies of the university application process, and our services ensure that participants are admitted to the universities that match their skill level, interests, and long-term career goals.