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Hosting an international student will not only broaden your global world perspective, but will enrich and educate your community in ways you never imagined!

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High School Students

Our international high school students come from Latin America, South America, Europe, Asia & Africa and are between the ages of 15 -18 they are excited to become a part of your family!  Host families are needed for programs lasting anywhere from 1 -10 months, programs start in August and January.

Summer Program Students

Quest summer program students are 13-18 years of age and will be enrolled in our program for 1- 4 weeks during the summer and occasionally during winter break.  Summer Camp students attend courses and participate in group excursions during the week, while spending evenings and weekends with their host families. Immersion Program students do not attend weekday courses, but will spend their time participating in all aspects of American “family life” together with their host family members. In the short time they are here, our students not only improve their English, but learn about American culture from their experiences with you and your family.

Support for Host Families

Quest provides host families a network of support both at the local level as well as from our National Office. The Quest Local Coordinator is available to help with any difficulties or concerns you and your family may have during the hosting experience. Local Coordinators will visit your home and provide you with detailed information about the hosting experience.  Host families and students are given orientation meetings after student arrival.

Your role as a host family is to provide room & board, and a nurturing home environment for your exchange student.  Quest Exchange pays a hosting stipend to offset the costs related to hosting our international students. The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build life-long friendships!

For more information about host family responsibilities and details, please review our Host Family Frequently Asked Questions below.

Hosting an International Student FAQ’s

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