High School Study Abroad Program

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Have You Dreamed of Being Able to Live and Study Abroad ?
A High School study abroad program is a life-changing experience. Our students return more confidant to take on academic, professional and personal challenges.

Not only will you create exciting memories, but you will also make friends who will last a lifetime. It is an investment in your future as you learn to be independent and grow in ways you cannot imagine. Learning a foreign language through immersion will accelerate the learning process, and you will become fluent in no time. As an American who can speak a second language, you will be a more desirable candidate in the job market and you will gain a new perspective for the ever-changing global world we live in.

Why Choose Quest International?

The Quest International High School Study Abroad Program staff has lived and worked abroad. Our team background encompasses 19 years of experience in the student exchange industry and we pride ourselves in offering personalized service and support every step of the way. Our partners overseas have been working with student exchange for many years, and because Quest works mainly with one partner agency, we are familiar with their requirements for accepting students and can quickly process your application documents to obtain acceptance.

With our long trusted partnership overseas, Quest can confidently provide you with a safe and fun High School Exchange Abroad!

Students are provided a coordinator at the local level who will not only assist with the adjustment period, but will also be available to help answer questions, work on problems and encourage their student throughout the exchange experience. Coordinators maintain regular contact with students and host family members to ensure that all participants are having a positive experience.

Our High School Study Abroad Program Offers:

  • City Location Choice (where available)
  • Host Family or Boarding Options
  • Public or Private School Choices
  • Fun Orientation Camps (optional for purchase 1-2 week camps in host country)
  • Flexible Program Length, 3, 5 or 10 Month Programs (availability based on country selection)
  • Travel and Medical Insurance
  • Optional Travel Opportunities (available in host country, not included in program fees)

Our Program Includes:

  • Assistance and Administration of Application Package
  • Accommodation (host family or boarding)
  • School Placement
  • Preparation Information and Materials
  • Visa Procedures Assistance
  • Pre-Departure Orientation Interview
  • Student Handbook and I.D. Card
  • A Quest Program Coordinator (works with you and your family every step of the way)
  • 24 Hour Emergency Phone Contact to Quest International Staff
  • Arrival Orientation
  • Local Coordinator Supervision in Your Host Country
  • Certification of Program Completion

To view pricing per country and length of stay, click here for our Pricing Guide

Many countries do not require previous language training. If you want to become an international high school exchange student abroad, you should have a willingness to learn a foreign language and a desire to share your American cultural experiences with your host family. Participating in a high school year abroad will be full of amazing experiences, from learning a new culture and language to making new friends from diverse ethnic and national backgrounds. Join the Quest International program for a high school experience abroad that will change your life forever!

Quest International has partnered with FundMyTravel to provide our students with the opportunity to fundraise for their exchange experience. Follow the link below to start your fundraising campaign!

For more information on Quest’s High School Abroad Program click here for our FAQ’s. Make your dream a reality. Contact a Quest High Study School Abroad Team Member Now!