High School Study Abroad Program

Studying abroad isn’t just for college students! Quest offers this life-changing experience designed specifically for American high schoolers. Study in a local high school in your dream country, and be welcomed into the arms of your new host family. You will create exciting memories and make friends who will last a lifetime. Invest in your future as you learn to be independent and grow in ways you cannot imagine.

Why Choose Quest Exchange?

The Quest Exchange High School Study Abroad Program staff has all lived and worked abroad. Our team background encompasses 20 years of experience in the student exchange industry and we pride ourselves in offering personalized service and support every step of the way. Our partners overseas have been working with student exchange for many years. We are familiar with their requirements for accepting students and can quickly process your application documents to obtain acceptance.

Learning a foreign language through immersion will accelerate the learning process, and you will become fluent in no time. As an American who can speak a second language, you will be a more desirable candidate in the job market and you will gain a new perspective for the ever-changing global world we live in.

Program Includes

  • Assistance and Administration of Application Package
  • Accommodation (host family or boarding)
  • School Placement
  • Preparation Information and Materials
  • Visa Program Documents for Visa Application
  • Pre-Departure Orientation Interview
  • Student Handbook
  • Local Coordinator Supervision in Host Country
  • Arrival Orientation
  • Certification of Program Completion
  • 24 Hour Emergency Phone Contact to Quest Exchange Staff

Additional Benefits

*Based on destination country

  • Host Family or Boarding Options
  • Public or Private School Choices
  • Fun Orientation Camps
  • Flexible Program Length, 1-3, 5 or 10-Month Programs
  • City Location Choice in Select Countries
  • Optional Travel and Medical Insurance
  • Additional Travel Opportunities

How To Apply

Read our Program Process Guide & Program FAQs
The Program Process Guide details each step of the program from start to finish. This guide will cover how to get started, what paperwork is involved, and what to do after you’ve been accepted. Answers to many questions you have now will be found in the FAQs document.

Program Process Guide    Program FAQs


Use Quest’s Guide to Getting Academic Credit
Students are responsible for obtaining credit if their U.S. schools require this. Luckily we’ve prepared this comprehensive guide of tips to help you navigate this with your school. Click the button below to read the guide.

Guide to Getting Academic Credit 

Review Pricing Guides
If you plan to apply for the Spring 2016 or Summer 2016 seasons, refer to the 2015-16 Pricing Guide. If you plan to apply for the Fall 2016 or Spring 2017 seasons, refer to the 2016-17 Pricing Guide.

Take note of application deadlines so that Quest can get you enrolled in time for your desired program start date. We need as much time as possible before your program start date to complete the application and placement processes. If you will need to apply for a visa, remember that embassy and consulates may not have appointments available for several weeks.

2015-2016 Pricing Guide    2016-2017 Pricing Guide 

Submit Your Application Online
Submit the basic student information of your application online, so that our team can help you get started on your program. A Quest Program Manager will review this, and guide you and your family to help you find your ideal program.

Once we have the necessary paperwork to move forward with your planned program, you will submit the remaining application pieces. These will include:
• Student and Parent Essays                     • School Transcripts
• Teacher Recommendation                      • Medical History Form
• Birth Certificate & Passport Copies      • Photo Album

Application Form


January 2016 Update

Spring 2016 applicants — Quest is accepting applications for short-term programs for spring of this year! Since students will not need to apply for a visa for these programs, many of our partners can still accept students for programs starting in March and April. Short-term programs are an excellent option for students that want to keep costs to a minimum or need to devote more time to their U.S. school or activities. Submit your preliminary application and we will help you pursue your international adventure this spring.

Fall 2016 applicants — Save $100-$200! Quest is offering a discount of $100 to semester students and $200 to year students that submit their complete applications by February 10th for the following countries:

 Austria          France         Norway         Sweden         Switzerland

Remember that to receive a full application, you must first submit your application and complete a student interview with the Quest Program Manager. Contact us today!

Countries Offered - All

argentinaflagimage1  Argentina    Flag-Austria  Austria    austrlaia  Australia    chile-flag  Chile    Flag_Denmark  Denmark    ecuardor  Ecuador    finnish flag  Finland    french flag  France    germany flag  Germany     italian flag  Italy
netherlands flag  Netherlands    NZ flag  New Zealand    orwayflag   Norway    south korea flag   South Korea    Spanish flag   Spain    swedenflag   Sweden    swiss flag   Switzerland    thai flag   Thailand


argentinaflagimage1  Argentina    Flag-Austria  Austria    austrlaia  Australia    chile-flag  Chile    Flag_Denmark  Denmark    ecuardor  Ecuador    finnish flag  Finland    french flag  France    germany flag  Germany    italian flag  Italy
netherlands flag  Netherlands    NZ flag  New Zealand    orwayflag   Norway    Spanish flag   Spain    swedenflag   Sweden    swiss flag   Switzerland    thai flag   Thailand


argentinaflagimage1  Argentina    Flag-Austria  Austria    austrlaia  Australia    chile-flag  Chile    Flag_Denmark  Denmark    ecuardor  Ecuador    finnish flag  Finland    french flag  France    germany flag  Germany    italian flag  Italy
netherlands flag  Netherlands    NZ flag  New Zealand    orwayflag   Norway    south korea flag   South Korea    Spanish flag   Spain    swedenflag   Sweden    swiss flag   Switzerland    thai flag   Thailand

Short-Term (1-3 months)

argentinaflagimage1  Argentina    Flag-Austria  Austria    chile-flag  Chile    Flag_Denmark  Denmark    finnish flag  Finland    french flag  France    germany flag  Germany    italian flag  Italy    netherlands flag  Netherlands
NZ flag  New Zealand     orwayflag   Norway    Spanish flag   Spain    swedenflag   Sweden


argentinaflagimage1  Argentina    chile-flag  Chile    italian flag  Italy    NZ flag  New Zealand    south korea flag   South Korea    Spanish flag   Spain    thai flag   Thailand

Thailand 2016

Thailand offers an affordable program
with flexible start dates and availability year-around!

For more information on
Quest’s High School Program, read our FAQs.

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