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Thailand is unique and offers very affordable opportunities for American youth to experience authentic daily life as a teenager in the heart of Southeast Asia. Our program provides the support needed to confidently explore one of Asia’s most enchanting countries. There is no language requirement and applications are accepted year-round!

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Students from all over the world are discovering Thailand as an amazing high school abroad adventure that allows them to fully immerse themselves in Asian culture and grow as a more worldly individual. Our partner organization YESasia has welcomed students from Sweden, Japan, Norway and the UK. The Kingdom of Thailand is a top destination offering the perfect balance between old and new.

Program Details

Program: High School (Teen Life Experience Program)
Program Lengths: Year (10 mo.), Semester (5 mo.), or Summer (2 mo.)
Prices:  Year – $8,900    Semester – $6,900    Summer – $5,000
Ages: 15 to 19 years old (Grades 9 through 12)
Languages: Thai, English
School Type: Public and Private Schools
Accommodation: Full Board Host Family

Program Enrollment

Students are enrolled in a government-accredited school. The traditional Thai school year is divided into two semesters and generally runs from around mid May to mid September and from late September to late March. Although April is considered end of year vacation, most schools remain open and run additional summer schools during this time. These additional tutoring and school enrichment activities are highly sought after by high school students. Program students that opt for dates coinciding with this time of year should expect to join such summer courses as part of their ongoing school placement. This dedication and respect for education in Thailand is why program students can now choose placement dates to better align with their own educational commitments in America.


Students are enrolled in high schools and hosted by local host families, who look forward to sharing their lives, hearts and homes with foreign students wishing to experience Thai culture firsthand. Studying full time in a Thai high school really allows international students an authentic feel for everyday life and share the beliefs and opinions with new friends growing up with different backgrounds. Students will have an opportunity to travel to different parts of the country with their host family and school friends.

School Options

In addition to core academic subjects, there are a great variety of cultural enrichment activities available, such as Thai language, Thai Cultural Studies, Thai Boxing, Traditional Thai Dance, Thai cooking, Calligraphy, Buddhism, and meditation.

Placement high schools may be public or private depending on the region and availability. All schools in Thailand are regulated by the Thai government through the Ministry of Education. Thailand enjoys many Buddhist and national holidays determined by lunar dates throughout the year.

Quest Exchange is proud to be partnered with YESasia (click to access YESasia website). Quest staff works closely with the YESasia team to ensure our students have a rewarding learning experience abroad.
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