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F-1 Private High School Program USA

A private tuition school program offered to international students who are interested in a quality American high school exchange experience while living with an American host family. Quest Exchange provides students with a diverse selection of schools to meet all of their scholastic and financial requirements.  Our schools and host families are located in the breathtaking Pacific Northwest, the ever-friendly Midwest, the bustling East Coast, the hospitable South and scenic West Coast.

Public High School Program USA

Our Public High School Program is a program offered to international students who are interested in a F-1 public high school experience with a host family stay. Our program is an alternative to the J-1 program and offers late enrollment with guaranteed placement for qualified applicants. Quest’s public high school program gives students the opportunity to choose their placement location, school, budget and many other options that are not available in the J-1 program.

Middle School Student Program USA

This program is for international students interested in attending grades  6, 7 & 8. Students live with carefully pre-screened host families and attend private school as full-time students. Our youth program is a great opportunity for younger children to experience an American education before making the decision to attend high school in the U.S. Parents will have peace of mind knowing their child has a local Quest Coordinator to lend support and guidance throughout their child’s exchange.