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Elite Service I
Academic Counseling

Quest’s Elite Service I is an academic counseling program geared for international students who need academic support and help improving their grades.   Counselors work one on one with students to assess academic needs and tailor each session so that it has the greatest possible benefit to the student. Regular monthly meetings with advice and support on how you can set goals and form better study habits that are proven to raise your GPA.

Our counselors use dual levels of support to help you focus on developing skills and habits you need for academic success in the American school system. The first level includes academic and interpersonal skills, goal setting, confidence building, time management, study methods, and effective classroom communication. The second level of support focuses on grades, academic performance and raising the GPA. As specific academic weaknesses are identified, counselors help students locate the support needed to improve their grades. Monthly reviews submitted by counselors, help parents follow their child’s progress throughout the school year.

Services include:
  • Academic review with student; identify academic strengths and weaknesses, set both long-term and short-term goals, identify best courses for student to enroll in
  • Monthly counseling sessions to determine best plan of action to meet goals and maintain GPA
  • Review of each school’s academic requirements; web management for homework and turning in online assignments
  • Monthly review of 3 major topics; Academic, Extracurricular, Social
  • Techniques on how to improve study habits and stay alert in class
  • Advice on navigating through the American school system, what to expect, how to make the most of the courses offered, extra credit and other tools for raising grades
  • Monthly assignments to help students learn how to manage their course work
  • Review of upcoming events/ school work/ deadlines for turning in homework etc.
  • Confidence building; coaching students how to approach teachers and ask for help
  • Monthly reports to the natural parents on their child’s academic status and progress
  • Support in scheduling academic or ESL tutoring if grades fall below the minimum requirements

Elite Service II
A Roadmap to College

The strength of a student’s university application is largely determined by each student’s performance in the early high school years. The Elite Service II package provides guidance to international students in grades 9-11 who will pursue a university degree in the United States.  Monthly sessions prepare students for the university application process by helping you choose the right classes and extra-curricular activities, while guiding you to focus on your unique strengths, passions, and natural-skill sets. Students are counseled on how to maintain their GPA while pursuing the supplementary activities that will truly make them stand out to the decision-makers at universities throughout the U.S.

Our instructors are professional educators and top graduates from elite universities whose specialties include teaching school reading groups, mastering AP exams, and teaching SAT prep courses at top-flight schools.

You can sign up for Elite I or Elite II depending on your main focus.  Completion of Elite I before signing up for Elite II is not a requirement.

Services include:
  • In depth consultation with student to determine a plan of action for maximizing his or her chances of getting accepted into a college of their choice
  • Academic Counseling- assisting students with creating a course of study that will ensure student will meet college admission’s requirements for their planned field of study
  • Review of college admissions requirements; discuss academic goals for remaining high school term to help prepare students for expectations of college admissions officials
  • Monthly review of topics; Academic / Extracurricular / Social
  • Advise students on which extracurricular activities, internships, or volunteer work they need to participate in to help them stand out on their college application
  • Counselor will assign monthly tasks to be completed by student
  • Review of upcoming events/ school work/ deadlines for turning in homework etc.
  • Monthly reports to the natural parents on their child’s academic status and progress
  • Communication with the host family, keeping them updated on student’s progress and plans
  • SAT Test Prep Course enrollment advice and help
Elite Service I – Recommended for students who:
  • Are in the 8th, 9th,10th, 11th and 12th grades
  • Want to raise their GPA
  • Need additional guidance to help them raise their grades
  • Require academic credit for their program in the U.S.
Elite Service II – Recommended for students who:
  • Have completed Elite Services I or,
  • Are in the 9th,10th & 11th grades
  • Plan to go on to college in the U.S.
  • Want to raise their GPA
  • Require academic credit for their program in the U.S.

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