1. Application Deposit – Make sure that we have sent and received the application deposit before applying a student to school. Some partners receive a special exception in which they don’t pay an application deposit (HICO, DO IT, Interway)
  2. Accepted to Quest Program – Check to make sure the Student’s Application is Complete and then use the Accept, Conditionally Accept or Reject buttons at the top of the Current Application page to notify the partner whether the student was accepted into the Quest Program.
  3. Apply to School – Once the deposit is paid, Send the Application to the 1st choice school (2nd, 3rd…)
  4. Accepted to School – Once a student is accepted, fill in the School Attending field at the top of the Student Contact page. Click the checkbox below that field to email the partner, LC and our accounting person letting them know that the student was accepted.  At this time, write an email to the school asking for three things 1) Tuition Invoice 2) Any additional paperwork they require and 3) Anything they need to issue the I-20 (sometimes schools have a form or require a bank statement).
  5. Send Student Profile to LC – You can do this either while the school is reviewing the application or after the student is accepted. It’s recommended to send the profile while applying the student to school if the coordinator works at the school, if you are pressed for time or if the student’s acceptance to the school is contingent upon having an available host family. Before sending, check that 1) Local Coordinator is set on the Student Contact page and 2) The Photo Album is a reasonable size (you can resize by “saving as” Optimized PDF in Adobe).
  6. First 50% of Payment – The accounting person should update this when the payment is sent or paid. You can check with Shayna or Jonny about this if there is any doubt.
  7. I-20 – Once the first 50% is paid, you can send the I-20 to the partner via FedEx. As the I-20 is issued, received, or mailed, make sure to mark it in Atlas to we don’t loose track of where it is. All programs details are tracked via email except the I-20, so it can be a slippery little devil.
  8. HF Screening – Use the HF screening tab to Track the Pre-Arrival Paperwork for the host family. Make sure the LC is moving along in the screening process.
  9. Final 50% of Payment – The accounting person should update this when the payment is sent or paid. You can check with Shayna or Jonny if there is any doubt
  10. HF Placement Sheet – Once the partner has paid the final 50% of payment, we can send the HF Placement Sheet to the partner by clicking on the Placement Docs & Emails button on the Student Contact page.
  11. Welcome Email to HF – Once the partner has received the placement sheet, you can send a welcome email to the HF through Atlas by checking the box in the Placement Steps section. This step will automatically trigger an email to the school informing them about the student’s placement.
  12. Setting up Insurance – Use the Work and Travel website to Set the Student Up With Insurance.
  13. Sending Insurance – Use the Placement Docs & Emails button to send the insurance to the partner, HF, LC and School.
  14. Welcome Email to Student – Check the Welcome Email to Student checkbox for the welcome email to be sent two days after the student’s arrival (this is marked on the Student Contact page when a flight is approved.)
  15. Orientation Paperwork – The LC should submit the Student Orientation Form and House Rules Form within 15 days of the student’s arrival. Make sure to mark the date received in Atlas.