How to Update School Pricing in Atlas
  1. When you’re ready to update all of the school pricing, make sure to remove the pricing fields from the School Page Layout – Partner View. You can make the fields visible once all of the changes are complete.
  2. For all school account records, export and import the new pricing season (ex: August 2014-June 2015) into the “Pricing for” field
  3. Have Regional Managers click the Update Tuition button at the top of the School Account page for each one of their partner-visible schools. This will send an email with last years tuition info asking the school to send any changes.
  4. Once you receive an email with the changes, update the tuition rates, “Tuition Rate from” field, discounts and “Date Updated Tuition” field
  5. Use a report to determine when all of the “Date Updated Tuition” fields show recent dates
  6. Once all prices are set and approved, make the total prices and “Pricing for” fields visible on the School Page Layout- Partner View again.