How to Change Salesforce/FormAssembly Fields

Follow these steps when updating a field or form that is connected through Salesforce and FormAssembly (i.e. applications, school profile, request forms)

    1. Update the field options in Salesforce
    2. If applicable, copy the picklist values from Salesforce (click on the Printable View button)
    3. Paste the values into the FormAssembly question (so that there’s no room for human error when typing)
    4. Go to the Connectors and refresh the Salesforce Schema with the link at the bottom of the page
    5. Click edit next to the changed field and refresh the selections
      1. Click the choice above the desired selection
      2. Click the dropdown again and select the desired selection (which should now have the refreshed data)
    6. Repeat the refresh step for both the FormAssembly field and the Salesforce field
    7. Click Save

*Make sure you do this for both pre-fill and post-fill if applicable.