There are two ways to send mass emails (hopefully more in the future)

 Preset Email Templates

    1. Click the “+” at the end of the tab menu
    2. Click on Mass Emails Regarding Students or Schools
    3. Check the box in the top left to select all listed records (these are all active records)
    4. Double click to edit the cell of an email you wish to send in the first row
    5. Check the box and select All selected records
    6. Click Save and your emails will be sent according to the email template settings

 Custom Email Lists

    1. Click on the Reports tab
    2. Click the Email List Folder in the left side bar to select an already existing list.
    3. To create a new list, click New Report… at the top of the page
    4. Open the Other Reports Folder on the left side and select the appropriate group of records
    5. Click Create in the lower right corner
    6. Click Add Filters to filter the list of records down
    7. Drag and drop fields from the left side bar to add columns of information to the report
    8. Click Save to name the report and place it in the appropriate folder
    9. Click Run Report to view the results and/or export it to excel
    10. Use this list of email address to send Mail Chimp campaigns or mass emails through gmail