This is meant to be a reference for future Salesforce Admins about how this database has been set up. These key words will help you ask the right questions in forums and to our Salesforce Partner (ForceBrain) if need be.


  1. Salesforce Internal Users – 10 Free User Licenses (free for non-profits)
  2. Salesforce Community – 500 Customer Community Logins (extended access to 20 objects so that partners and LC’s can see all the data they need to). Our community members are able to see certain records because of Sharing Sets defined in the Community Settings.
  3. Custom Objects
  4. Apex Triggers – We have custom built triggers mapping fields between Custom contacts and Accounts, Community Members (Standard Contacts) and Users. We can add fields to the mapping from Custom Accounts to Standard Contacts and Custom Accounts to Users, by adding fields to the Develop>Custom Settings list. Click on the Manage button for the appropriate mapping to add elements.
  5. Drawloop – 5 Drawloop User Licenses (Used to dynamically merge pdfs for placement docs and such)
  6. FormAssembly – 1 FormAssembly User Login (shared by staff to create online forms that push and pull from our database