How to Create an LC or Partner Login


    1. Create a new Community Member
      1. Click on the “+” at the end of the tab menu
      2. Click on Community Members
      3. Click New
      4. Fill out the relevant information (You can put the Partner Name as the Last Name and leave the First Name blank.)
      5. Set the Community Account Name by clicking the magnifying glass and selecting either Partner Account or Local Coordinator Account
      6. Click Save
    2. Enable the User
      1. Click the Manage External User dropdown button at the top of the record
      2. Select Enable User
      3. Double check the user’s information and make sure you set the PROFILE, REGION, PROGRAM FEES and PREFERRED PARTNER for partners
      4. Click Save (an email invite will be sent to the email address listed)
    3. As a final step, go back to the Partner Account page to set the Partner Community User field or the Local Coordinator Contact page to set the Community Member field.