How to Contract with a New Partner
    1. Info Request – Partner submits Info Request through website (Formstack)
    2. Auto Response – Quest sends an auto email with promos and Request Form link (Formstack)
    3. Request Form – Partner submits Request Form (FormAssembly)
    4. Send Contract – Quest uses the Send Contract button to respond with Contract, Program Guide, New Partner Resources (including Quest Schools Promo) and Skype request (Atlas)
    5. Skype – Quest and Partner have a Skype meeting
    6. Sign Contract – Partner signs Contract and Program Guide (pdfs saved in Dropbox)
    7. Received Contract – Quest uses the Received Contract button to Send the Received Contract Email with Price List and PArtner Resources
    8. Atlas Login – Tara is cc-ed on sent contract and grants Partner Login to Atlas (Atlas)