Monthly Report Reminder Emails

These emails should be sent 10 days before the due date. The system will send another email 10 days after the reminder is sent if the report is still missing.

    1. Click the “+” at the end of the tab menu
    2. Click on Mass Emails Regarding Students
    3. Check the box in the top left to select all listed records (these are all active students)
    4. Double click to edit the cell Send Monthly Report Reminder in the first row
    5. Select the month that you would like to send a reminder for and select All selected records
    6. Click Save

 Approve Monthly Reports

    1. Once an LC submits a monthly report, you will receive an email alert
    2. Follow the link in the email to view the submitted monthly report
    3. Review the text and make any edits
    4. Check the Submit to Partner box in the Submit section at the bottom of the page
    5. An email with the contents of this report will be sent to the student’s partner