Local Coordinators receive payments twice a year:

Placement Pay

Placement pay is sent after all of the student’s paperwork has been turned in.

Email Alert from Atlas
Whenever the Regional Manager is collecting paperwork for a new placement, you will receive an email alert when the paperwork is complete. This includes these two placement types:

  1. A new student
  2. A continuing or extension who is moving host families (If this isn’t happening, make sure that Regional Managers are using the “Reset Placement Steps” checkbox on the Student Contact page to clear the placements steps and re-check the boxes as they complete them).

For students who are extending with the same host family, you can run a report and pay them the standard $100 all at once.

  • Season is Current = “Yes”
  • Season Type = “Extension”
  • Placement Type = “Same Family”
Supervision Pay

Supervision pay is sent on January 10th and June 10th. You can use the LC Supervision Payment Report in Atlas to view all the calculated payment amounts.