Make sure you have the following information form the cardholder:

  • Card Type and Number
  • Full Name on Card
  • Expiration Date
  • Security Code
  • Amount
  1. Take a phone chord from a working phone and plug it into the LINE jack on the back of the machine
  2. Enter the credit card number
  3. Enter the expiration date (mm/yy)
  4. Enter in the amount (make sure the decimal is in the right place)
  5. Credit Card Present – Press YES
  6. Enter Zip Code – Don’t type anything and press ENTER
  7. It will dial and a receipt will come out.
  8. Tear the slip and press any key
  9. Another slip will come out and tear that one out too
  10. Scan the slips and save them in the Bank Folder.
  11. Leave the machine running over night until a “Autodial Batch Report” comes out.