What is a Community User?

We are using Salesforce Customer Community Licenses for each of our Local Coordinators and Partners so that they have their own version of our database to view and interact with. Salesforce calls this a Community. Before a coordinator or Partner can log into the system, Quest Staff needs to create a Community User record and enable the login permission.

 Why do I get an error message saying that we’ve hit a daily email limit?

We are granted 1,000 emails a day, which I doubt we will ever use. However, there might be a bug that is sending many emails in the background. It’s a good idea to Request an Email Log to see what emails we are sending.

 Can I see a list of people who have logged into Atlas recently?

You can find a list of recent logins in Atlas by checking the Login History. Just export this report to excel and sort and filter how you like. I sorted by Login Type and deleted everything but Login Type = Chatter Communities External User to get a list of our external users.

 How can I log into Atlas as a particular Partner?

To log in as a particular Partner, search the Partner’s name and click on the Community Member record.  Click the Manage External User button and select Log in to Community as User.  You can now view Atlas as the Partner you selected.

 How do I run a credit card?

Boo! Click here for detailed instructions.

 Why do I have to set lookup fields for the School Choices?

Partners had a lot of trouble setting lookup fields. Therefore, we made these fields into text fields. However, we still need to set the lookup fields so that the system know who to email the application to in the Placement Docs & Emails button. Ask Tara for more details

 How do I create a tutorial video to embed in a user guide?

  1. Open Quicktime Player on a Mac
  2. Record your screen
  3. Go to File>”Export…” and save it in Dropbox>Database>ATLAS>How to Videos
  4. Log into Youtube with the info.questexchange@gmail.com account
  5. Upload the video and use the Youtube editing features to add notes on the screen as needed
  6. Use Youtube’s embed code to place the video on the User Guide in WordPress