Step 1 – Check for Attachments

In Atlas, on the Student Contact page, scroll down to the Notes & Attachments section and check that all scanned attachments are present.

  • Photo Album
  • Copy of English Test
  • Copy of Passport
  • Medical History & Release
  • Original Transcripts (past three semesters)
  • Original Transcripts Translated Into English

If any of these attachments are missing, please contact the student to collect them and add them to Atlas.

Quest cannot submit the student’s application until all of these attachments are submitted.

Step 2 – English Transcripts

Translate the student’s original transcripts into English letter grades. It is very important that we have the English translated transcripts so our schools can assess the student’s academic level.

        1. Download and complete Quest’s English Transcript of Grades Form

Students are also encouraged to have their school official complete this form

        1. Log into Atlas
        2. On the Student Contact page, scroll down to the Notes & Attachments section
        3. Click Attach File
        4. Follow the three steps listed on the screen

How to Attach Documents

Step 3 – Partner Interview

If you haven’t already, please have a staff member representing your organization complete the Partner Interview.

  1. Log into Atlas
  2. Go to the top of the Student Contact page
  3. Click on the Current Application link in the first section
  4. Set the student’s school choices in the second section of the Current Application page
  5. Click the Partner Interview Button at the top of the Current Application page
  6. Complete the form and click Submit

Step 4 – Review Application

In the student’s Current Application (from the Student Contact page, click on Current Application) make sure the following sections are complete: 

    • Basic Information
    • Contact Information
    • Natural Parents
    • Program Information
    • Personal Information
    • Partner Interview
    • Teacher Recommendation (An email invite will go to the contact that students lists on their application)
    • Passport Information

If the Teacher Recommendation is missing for several days, please have the student contact their reference and ask them to complete the form as soon as possible. Teachers should have an email invite in their inbox.

Step 5 – Submit to Quest

At this point, the student application should be complete and you are ready to submit the application to Quest.

    1. Log into Atlas and open a student’s Current Application
    2. On the Current Application page, click on the Submit to Quest button at the top of the page
    3. Include any application notes and click Next
    4. Click Finish

The application has been submitted to Quest and a Program Manager will respond to you shortly