1. How can a student Save and Resume their application later?

How to Save and Resume the Online Student Application
    1. From the online Student Application, click the “Save my progress and resume later” checkbox at the top of the form
    2. Fill in your email and create a password
    3. Check your inbox for an email from the system
    4. Click the link in the email and fill out your email and password to re-enter the application
    5. The application will populate all of the fields you completed and you can continue to fill out the form

 2. What if the student and parents don’t read the Rules and Natural Parent Agreement?

In order to submit the online Student Application, the student needs to check a box stating that they read and understand the rules. Similarly, the natural parents need to check a box stating that they read and understand the Natural Parent Agreement (they are directed to contact you for translation help). After the application is submitted, the natural parents, student and you will all receive a copy of the Rules and Agreement as a second reminder of the policies. In the event of a violation, we can share this email with natural parents and students to remind them that they agreed to these rules.

 3. Where do I submit the SLEP or English Language test score?

After the student submits the online application, you will receive an email alert with a reminder to complete the Partner Interview. One of the sections of the Partner Interview asks for the English Language Test and score.

 4. Where do I submit the student’s School Choices?

If you open a Student Contact page and click on the Current Application link in the first section, you can enter three school choices in the second section.

 5. Where is the English Teacher Recommendation?

Students fill in an English Teacher recommender on their online application. That contact person is automatically emailed with a link to an online reference form. Once the teacher submits the form, it is automatically added to the student’s application. As the partner, you do not need to do anything to collect this recommendation. If it is missing, please alert the student so that they can follow up with the English teacher to get that completed.

 6. How can I add a student’s biological siblings at the bottom of the application?