Once the host family has passed their criminal background check and the Quest office has approved two reference calls, it is time to schedule the In-Home Interview.  At that time, please setup a meeting at the family’s home, preferably when all the family members can be present.

It is important to give your honest opinion about the suitability of a family and the living conditions of their home. If there is anything that concerns you, please contact the Quest office and let us know. The safety and welfare of students is top priority and your careful assessment of the host family is critical to the program.

Once you arrive at the home, you can either complete the In-Home Interview Form on a laptop or ipad (preferred method) or print out the hardcopy form to sign, scan and email back to Quest.

  1. Use the questions from the first page of the In-Home Interview Form to assess the family’s motivation and preparedness.
    • All members of the family are interested in cultural exchange
    • The family understands and accepts the challenges of teenage behavior and culture clash
    • The family understands and accepts the financial responsibilities of hosting
  2. Ask to take some photos of the living space (student’s bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, common room…). Use the time to assess the suitability of the home.
    • Environment is safe and clean
    • The student has a private place to sleep and a quiet place to study
  3. Take some time to finish the second portion of the interview form on your own and give the family a moment to privately discuss hosting a student. If the host family has passed your interview process and is still interested in hosting a student, you can then conduct the Host Family Orientation during the same visit.
  4. If the host family does not pass your interview, thank them for their time and let them know you will get back to them. If you feel comfortable telling the family at that time that they are not qualified, feel free to do so. If you would prefer that someone from the Quest National office contact them, let us know and we will assist you.
What’s Next: Complete the Host Family Orientation