The Host Family Orientation is an important step in the study abroad journey. It’s a great time to build a relationship with the family and help prepare them for a successful exchange experience.


Please do your best to make sure that all host family members are at this orientation.

Orientation Goals

  • Prepare the host family for the challenges of student exchange
  • Clearly present the program rules and expectations
  • Address any questions or concerns

Materials to Bring to the Orientation

We would like you to adhere as closely to this agenda as possible to be sure that your group is fully prepared to have the best year possible. You are encouraged to be creative and use your own style, just be sure to cover all of the points outlined.


We suggest holding the orientation at the host family home or your own home.


You should conduct the host family orientation once the family has passed the screening steps (application, criminal background checks, references, in-home interview). If the host family passes the in-home interview, then you can do the Host Family Orientation during the same home visit.

  1. Schedule – Agree on a date and time to do the Host family Orientation (may be the same day as the In-Home Interview)
  2. Gather Materials – Gather all of the materials listed above and review the content of the orientation
  3. Reminder Email – Send a reminder email to the family and include a link to the Host Family Handbook and House Rules Form for reference
  4. Game Time – Have a wonderful orientation with the family!