You will be reaching out to each of your students and host families at least once a month, and completing Monthly Reports based on your conversations with them.  These reports are due no later than the 1st of the following month. Quest will review these reports and then share them with the student’s natural parents.

As a Local Coordinator, you are your students’ advocate and as such they should be able to voice concerns or questions freely during your monthly check-in. Dialogue with the student’s host family is important, but secondary to a discussion with your student. If you know that a student has a concern, it is important to make sure that they have the chance to speak or email you in private.

At least one of your points of contact each month with your students should be in person or over the phone. You are welcome to email your students as well – some students may open up over email because they are shy or unable to express themselves fully in English  – but email cannot be the sole form of contact. It is fine to contact your host families over email each month.