Send us an email ( if you have a question about the Atlas system. Chances are that you’re not the only one with that question. We will post answers here to share with other Local Coordinators.

 Where can I find the Travel Authorization Form?

To find the Travel Authorization Form, log into Atlas and you will see the Resources for LC’s Sidebar on the left. The Travel Authorization Form will be listed under Other Forms.

 How do I note having met with a student on multiple dates in the Monthly Report?

Select one main date of contact. Any additional dates of contact can be listed in the Additional Contact Notes section of the Monthly Report.

 How do I create a new Host Family Application?

Creating a new Host Family Application can be completed in a few easy steps.
1. Log into Atlas
2. Click on the Host Families tab.
3. Click New Accounts.
4. Fill in the Account Name.

Input the Account Name by entering the Last Name followed by the word ‘Family’. For example, if Zoe Montgomery is hosting a student, her account would be titled ‘Montgomery Family’.

5. Click Save.

Click the New Accounts button to create and send a Host Family Application.

Hover your mouse over the orange question mark to view the Host Family Name example.

 What types of travel are authorized for students?

Student travel authorizations are approved on a case by case basis. Students are required to request a Travel Authorization at least two weeks before their departure date so that Quest can coordinate with the partner organization and natural parents in approving the request.

 How will I be notified of when a Criminal Background Check (CBC) has been approved by Quest?

Once Quest has reviewed the CBC, an email notification will be sent to the LC informing them that they can proceed to check HF References.